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Victor Greywolf

Victor Greywolf

I’m Victor Greywolf: writer, low budget filmmaker and actor. One thing that I have noticed, especially with artists who have struggled with their works, is there are many myths about making it. Here’s how I’ve learned to cope with the situations, as I lived through them:

Myth: If you are older than 40 and haven’t made it, you will never reach your goal

Fact: This is a self-imposed limitation. You believe that filmmakers are only looking for the young (pre-teen to 25) crowd, and because you are in your 40’s, it is the end. That is nothing but a bunch of crap, and that is being polite. A lot of filmmakers cannot fill their demand for adults, especially in the older roles. Older roles are out there, and they are looking for you. You just have to know where to look. Look for roles in independent films or theater or even videos.

People get things done when they get things done. You don’t know if the story is even true, depending on the source. What do you do? Learn how to question those stories. You are on your own journey. You are doing what you do. Eddie Murphy made it at 19, but Rodney Dangerfield didn’t make it until he was almost fifty. Fifty! You aren’t in competition with anyone. You will make it when you make it. Enjoy the ride and go with the flow.

Myth: People say that I am a legend in my own mind, so I am not worth following.

Fact: There will always be those who get you and those who won’t. Don’t let the fact that detractors are out there get you down. Sometimes, they are your biggest publicists, because they’re talking about you, right?

People talk. Let them. Just do what you do, and the followers will come.

Myth: It’s hard to get out your name out there on social networks.

Fact: More and more social networks are being created every day. Be selective. Some will work for you, some won’t. You don’t have to be on every single one. Be active on the ones that work for you.

Don’t be desperate. People can smell desperation, and they don’t like it. If you are selective, it shows confidence, and will show you know what you are doing.

Myth: I have to do something crazy to get noticed.

Fact: Social networks can give you publicity as well as video interviews, but be very careful what you say. You don’t need to have every aspect of your life publicized. Not all publicity is good publicity. Scandals can generate cheap publicity, but you can become labeled. If you want to be taken seriously, be professional and be selective about whom you deal with.

With social media, anyone can present a celebrity image, but really crazy fame has its price. Look deep inside and ask yourself if you really want that kind of celebrity. Sometimes, life is better if you are not famous. Once you are famous, it is done, period. If you really want to know about the real price of fame, look at stars like Madonna, Bill Cosby, Freddie Prinze Sr., Justin Bieber and Jessica Sierra. What they can or can’t say says it all.

Myth: No one will interview me, so I can’t get my work known.

Fact: Yes, you can get interviews. Many people that run alternative (outside of the mainstream) papers and magazines and websites love to interview struggling artists. Colleges and social media also have those who are looking for people to interview. I was interviewed on seven of them, and all I did was network. Do your research. Be selective.

Myth: I need an agent.

Fact: Do you? There are artists who have one, and they don’t get work. Sometimes, you have to just work without an agent, and do the work yourself. If an agent is meant to be, it will happen.

Myth: I can’t make my film, since I don’t have big bucks.

Fact: There are places and products that can help you produce films on extremely low budgets. You can get use children’s toys for props and buy supplies at dollar stores. Those supplies are easy to find and use and you don’t have to deal with as many loopholes.

Myth: Since I can’t afford a studio, I cannot I record my CD.

Fact: With modern technology, anyone can record. Even before computers, people recorded on home recorders, and they got the job done. Don’t make excuses and don’t listen to naysayers. Your first try may be amateurish, but at least you got it recorded, right? That alone is a great start.

Myth: I can’t get an IMDB, because I am not a famous celebrity.

Fact: Not true! I got one, and I am not famous. I am even on a couple of celebrity sites. How did I get a page? As a filmmaker, I submitted to a film festival that will get me one. You can get an IMDB page two ways: 1) submit a film to a film festival that allows a page or 2) work with someone who already has a page, and ask them to add your name. They may ask for verification.

See, there are lots of ways to get yourself out there, even if you aren’t famous.

Just look and you will find them.

Victor GreywolfHope this helps.
Victor Greywolf
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