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Artists who tell their stories sell more art.

The Amused Now Featured Artist interview offers artists the opportunity to tell their back story and share information about their current projects in their own words. All our Featured Artist interviews are available on the Amused Now YouTube channel.

A-List stars already know that artists who tell their stories have a competitive advantage, that’s why they go on the talk show circuit. Amused Now offers all indie artists that same opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. When artists tell their stories and describe their art, fans gain a deeper understanding and affection for the artist. Amused Now has proven that musicians who talk about their song in an interview and post that interview on the same web page as their music sell more music. The same holds true for filmmakers and authors.

When is the best time to schedule an interview?

These are the best times to schedule an Amused Now Featured Artist Interview:

When you are preparing for a new release album, song, book, video or movie.

When you have a big event coming up, like a major concert date, book signing, premiere or fundraising campaign.

When you are a new artist, trying to beef up publicity and make a name in the biz.

When you are looking for management or want to get signed or just want to beef up your electronic press kit (EPK).

Does your business support indie artists, but you don’t have time to produce your own interviews?

Amused Now also offers music labels, film studios and publishers the opportunity to take advantage of our Featured Artist Series. Let us schedule the artist; prep the artist and conduct the interview; produce the Featured Artist Interview post, videos and podcasts; and share the message on all our distribution channels.

What’s included with the Featured Artist Interview?

  • 10-15 minute video interview
  • One minute preview of the video interview
  • Podcast of the video interview
  • Blog article of the video interview

New Product ~ Micro-Interviews

We also offer one-question micro-interviews, where we ask about a single song or short film or book.  Embed your micro-interview on the same page you sell your hot new single along side your music video and give your fans the back story!


From the Amused Now YouTube channel:

Jessie Wagner

Jessie Wagner is lead singer for the hot new rock band Envy. In her Featured Artist video, Jessie talks about her hit single Stuck in My Own Way and the story behind her EP project Army of the Underdog, produced for people who want to be free from constraints and to just be themselves.

Liz Lohnes

Amused Now partners with ReverbNation to offer contests that give way Featured Artist interviews to talented member solo acts and bands. We selected pop recording artist Liz Lohnes, because we love her singing voice and her single Why’d You Turn Your Back on Me?  Liz took the opportunity to talk about her music, her back story and her brand new project with new producers.

Dre Hilton

Recording artist Dre Hilton is a dreamer. In this Featured Artist interview, Dre talks about his single Get Up and Live, which is part of his new CD project The Diary of a Dreamer. Dre Hilton also took the opportunity to talk about his unique approach to motivational speaking, performing a show within his speaking engagements.


Pop singer Caiikie used her Featured Artist interview to talk about her three new singles: Love Again, Running Rounds and Sexy Turned Up. She also took the opportunity to let her fans know “the real me,” to talk about her background, her hopes for the future and her approach to building community both online and off.


In April 2014, I co-hosted Lipstick Radio’s 2014 Indie Music Awards show. I donated Featured Artist interviews to all the winners. Jamaican-born Nyanda won Best Reggae Song for Slippery When Wet. Nyanda took the opportunity to share her secret to getting fans engaged and voting for her to win in her category. She also talked about her childhood; her career with Brick & Lace, where she sang with her sister Nallah; and her latest solo project I Love Sax.

Trell Daray

Trell Daray won Lipstick Radio’s Indie Music Awards prize for Best Pop Artist, but before I interviewed him as a winner of the awards show, Trell had previously been featured on Amused Now. In his first Featured Artist interview, Trell talked about his hit single Night Owl and his extensive music background and training. He also shared details about his collaboration projects and his approach to music as a business.


Seattle’s hot new dirty rock band Gliceryn. The band formed barely a year ago, so they used the Featured Artist interview to introduce themselves to new fans and talk about their music. All four members took the opportunity to talk about their music influences, training and plans for playing as many shows as possible. They also share their advice for other new bands, who are trying to make a name for themselves.


Country band Pixley arrived on the scene two years ago. Josh Todd and Liz Rohrs used the Featured Artist interview to share the stories behind their singles Summer Nights, Underneath the Roses and Harken. They also talked about how they’re creating a whole new approach to country music called California Country. With their diverse music backgrounds and the addition of a new songwriter with a rock-and-roll background, the band has five new songs in the works.