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Businesses who tell their stories have a competitive advantage.

Artists know that when they tell their stories and describe their art, fans gain a deeper understanding and affection for their art. The same holds true for businesses that support artists. When businesses tell their back stories, potential clients gain a better understanding of how those businesses can help their career. The stories build trust, and trust is important to any business-client relationship. Businesses who tell their stories also have a competitive advantage.

Amused Now offers businesses that support indie artists (such as music labels, film studios, equipment manufacturers, promoters, booking agents and publishers) the opportunity to take advantage of our Featured Artist Series. We’ll work with you to develop exactly the right set of interview questions to tell the story you want to convey; coach you through the interview process, so you have a fabulous interview; produce the Featured Artist Interview post, videos and podcasts; and share the message on all our distribution channels. We can either provide you access to our links or post copies of our media package to your DropBox.


We also offer one-question micro interviews, where we ask you about a single aspect or feature of your business.

What’s in a Featured Business Package?

  • 10-15 minute video interview
  • One minute preview of the video interview
  • Podcast of the video interview
  • Blog article of the video interview

From the Amused Now YouTube channel:

Birgitta Sunding Thorsen, Artista Group

Birgitta Sunding Thorsen a.k.a. Queen Bee, CEO and Manager of the Artista Group, used her Featured Artist interview to explain about her music business philosophy, the services provided by the Artista Group and what potential new clients should ask themselves before deciding to seek management representation.

Madalyn Sklar,

Madalyn Sklar, founder of, shared the back story to founding GoGirlsMusic in 1995 and how her business has grown through today. She shares insights into her world famous Twitter chat #ggchat, her Elite program and business consulting.

Bree Noble, Female Entrepreneur Musician

Bree Noble is a singer-songwriter and music entrepreneur. She booked her Featured Artist interview to talk about her new Female Entrepreneur Musician podcast, new Female Musician Academy, as well as the Women of Substance Radio station and podcast. Bree founded these businesses to help save women musicians from facing many of the same struggles she also faced as a young recording artist.

Andrea Ward, Style Adviser

Andrea Ward, style advisor and makeover artist, talked about swagger and how important it is for artists to create a first impression or entrance that sets you apart. She described her process that tunes up the volume, based on the essence of who you really are.

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