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Black Amser

My name is Davy Lansky aka Black Amser born on the 3rd of July 1989 in Gabon. I’m a 25 years hip-hop recording artist based in South Africa, Pretoria. My passion for music started when I was a kid. My father is passionate about music, so he is the one who made me like it. At my younger age, I was able to memorize and sing everything my father was listening to.

As I kept on listening to music, I started to write lyrics for my friends and me. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long, because I had to focus on my studies. But nothing is more powerful than music. Music is the only thing that can change your mood. It is the only thing that can come through your mind and do whatever it wants to do without your knowledge, whether you want it or not.

When something is aimed to be, it will happen. As I grew up and felt more confident, I started to be more serious about the music industry, and I have decided to continue from where I stopped. My studies don’t have anything to do with my music career, because they don’t really follow the same path. So, at school I am just an ordinary student, and outside I am a musician who is dreaming to reach the highest level and help others.

I have been in the professional music industry for years now, working with professional musicians from other countries. I have been taking advice from them, I have been learning from them and I hope that I will find a way to make it in Jesus name.

My music is not always focused on myself. I try to touch all the aspects of life, so that older people can listen to my music as well. Despite the fact that I am a hip hop musician, I can also do a love song where I am talking about a broken heart. By the way, when I’m writing lyrics for loves songs, my inspiration comes faster. Maybe that is my calling who knows?

Black Amser at windowThe new project that I am currently working on is two singles POUR TOI, which means in English “FOR YOU.” It is a very lovely attracting soft song, and I am sure you will like it. The other one is 2015. In POUR TOI, I featured another musician from South Africa named DaMos, who is my producer. He has a label named SOUTH LINE MEDIA. We have been working together for a while now, so we have become good friends, even brothers.  I am planning to do many concerts for the promotion of my singles.

One last thing I’m currently busy with is my plan to shoot a new music video for POUR TOI. I want it to be better than the ones I previously made. I am more focused this year, because I have the feeling that something big can happen.

My advice for you guys is that you should stay connected with your social media. Go to the internet and look for help all over the world as I did. There are people out there who can help you to achieve your dreams. In my case, it is Amused Now that I found. Why not stop by and try your luck with them too? Don’t give up now, even if you are facing a big challenge. Nothing big can be achieved without facing challenges. Stick to your dream, and don’t let anyone wake you up, because that will be your biggest mistake.  As I used to say in French, “La vie est tellement courte qu’il en faut une eternite pour la vivre.” Look me up, and I will explain the meaning of my quote. It could change your life forever. May God bless us in Jesus name.


Black Amser

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