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Danish country rock band Straw is changing the face of country music in Denmark. Straw is a family affair. Henriette and Carsten Fabricius are the heart of the band. The two write, record and perform with their three lovely daughters Nellie, Sally and Denise.

Straw’s new hit single and video To A Higher Place has attracted a global audience. The song is wonderful and the video visuals are amazing. Henriette explained what inspired the song: “We wrote the song at our place in Sweden. We spent time with our old friends, good friends. When Carsten played his guitar, the motion and mood was very good and the words just came out. It’s a love song. It’s about the good things in life, going for a walk and holding hands. It’s about being aware of what you have. It’s a positive song.”

As I watched some of Straw’s older songs and videos, I came across the video for I Hope. I got goose bumps as I watch and listened. I just had to know more about this song. Carsten told me: “Henriette wrote the words, but it’s definitely about me. I had some very bad times and some very bad habits. After a while, I realized that I had to make some changes. This song is about making changes in your life. You have to show that you are making changes, and everyone has to see those changes. We have to accept that we are changing all the time, and we have to give each other new hope.”

All three girls in the Straw family sing. When they sing together, they form a choir, a very special sound. Nellie is the youngest, and she sings and plays piano and guitar. Carsten and Nellie plan to play guitar together on an upcoming record. Sally is in the middle. She sings, plays piano and writes songs to the piano. The band plans to include more piano parts as Straw begins to record more of Sally’s music. Denise is the oldest. Everyone laughed when it was Denise’s turn, because she admits to not playing piano or guitar very well. She sings and writes songs too. Denise’s songs are lighter, and Sally’s songs are more melancholy.

Henriette is the mom. She sings and writes most of the lyrics together with her husband Carsten. The two write music together. Henriette plays a little guitar, but not on stage. Carsten is Straw’s guitar-player. Straw tours with 3 of the Danish top musicians: Helge Solberg (bass), Jakob Storm (drums) and Miki Skjold and Jens Runge (guitars).

Straw - websiteHow does Straw keep family harmony both in and out of the studio? Henriette laughed, “We don’t!” Denise explained: “We give each other space. It’s OK to be angry, and it’s OK to be sad and cry, and it’s OK to be happy. Everything is allowed. We are honest. There was a time, before Straw, when it was a problem. Then, we made the changes that we sang about in the song I Hope. We have to talk to each other and listen, listen a lot. And show love.”

I was surprised to learn that there are country bands in Denmark. Henrietta told me: “It’s a difficult question, because we all don’t agree on the topic of country music.” Denise elaborated: “When you use the word country to describe music in Denmark, Danish people don’t know what it is. They think the song Jolene is the only country song. You don’t think Alison Krauss when you talk about country music in Denmark.” Henriette laughed: “They listen to it, but they don’t know what it is.”

Danish people would describe Straw’s music as pop with country flair. The family credits a wide range of musicians that influence their music, including the Eagles, Alison Krauss, Gabrielle Aplin, Taylor Swift, Whitney Houston and Linkin Park.

What advice does Straw have for other family bands trying to make a name in the music business? Henriette advises, “Don’t give up. Try, and if that doesn’t work, try something else.” Carsten laughed and said, “Play all the time. Play, play, play. Sing, sing, sing.” Denise added that family groups should: “Listen and be honest. Give each other some space. Accept the differences and new ideas.”

What’s up next for Straw? Sally is moving to the forefront with their next single: “A couple years ago, I wrote a song called Spider Making New Web. Our next release is that song and music video. I’m excited.” Carsten and Henriette added that it’s a beautiful song. They are so proud. Then, Denise smiled and added: “And she’s hot in the video. That sells too!”

I had the best time getting to know the Straw family. I cannot wait to see Sally in the video!

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