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REBELMANN called in when I was a guest on the Nikki Rich Show on Blog Talk Radio. I so was impressed by their enthusiasm and desire to improve that I kept in touch when them and asked them to be featured artists.

REBELMANN is literally a band of brothers. 13-year-old Clayton is the lead singer and his 16-year-old twin brothers round out the instrumentals: Bryce plays drums and Johnathon plays left-handed guitar.

The band formed after Johnathon started taking guitar lessons and Bryce started taking drum lessons. The two brothers decided to play together and put Clayton as the lead singer. Then, the band took off!

One of the band’s mentors is Bruce Kulick of KISS. They met Bruce at Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas. They remain in contact with Bruce even after camp, and he continues to advise the band.



Bryce Mann – Drums

Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp is where musicians get to meet and work with their idol rock stars. At the time, Clayton, Bryce and Johnathon were the youngest to attend this exclusive camp. The boys thought the camp was awesome. Clayton says, “It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Definitely.” Since the camp’s positive experience with REBELMANN, they now admit younger musicians.

REBELMANN has played such well-known venues as Whisky-a-Go-Go, MGM Grand, Hard Rock Chicago, Walter Peyton’s Roundhouse and Music Row. When I asked how they got asked to play at these clubs, they explained, “When you play a lot, people notice you and the word gets out farther and farther. It takes off and people know about you and, like wow, you get put on a show! It’s amazing! When you’re 13 and 16, it’s like ‘Holy Cow!’ Whisky-a-Go-Go LA!”

They’re playing at the Apps for Autism fundraiser on August 17 and the Teen Nation Tour on August 31. You can find out about REBELMANN upcoming events on their website. To REBELMANN, busy is good. Road trips are the “coolest thing in the world.”

REBELMANN primarily uses Facebook and Twitter for promotion. “Social media is a big part of the advertising game right now.” The boys use social media to inform fans about what they’re doing, to interact with people, get to know them and build a fan base. “Play every gig you can, even play a small bar. Three fans are three more fans.” They recommend making live recordings and getting on the radio. When people hear your name, they check out your website, go to your gigs and the word spreads. Interviews, like this one with Amused Now, help get the word out over the internet.

REBELMANN Clayton Mann

Clayton Mann – Vocals


Clayton advises, “Be different and surprise the people. Be original and do something that’s going to amaze people.”  Bryce’s favorite quote: “Stand out. Become what you already know you are.” He explains that some people will try to bring you down, but you have to keep grinding. If it’s what you want to do, don’t let anyone stop you from doing it. Sound advice from such young musicians!

REBELMANN plays mostly cover tunes, but they started producing original music for sale. The entire family contributes to the music and lyrics. Songwriting is about mixing ideas. Clayton describes how even when there’s friction, that friction helps smooth out the ideas. Johnathan added, “it’s like rough drafts.”



REBELMANN Johnathon Mann

Johnathon Mann – Guitar

Their original music is available on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and the REBELMANN website. The band has 7 new originals coming soon.

The boys practice by themselves up to 4 hours a day. They take lessons. When they play together in the basement, it’s a rehearsal, in much the same way athletes practice before the game. “Perfect practice makes perfect.”

I thorough enjoyed getting to know REBELMANN. I love their youthful wisdom, maturity and manners. They are truly special and talented and deserve their success.

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