Obaid ~ Prahelika 1 and Prahelika 2



Hi, I am Obaid, a Bangladesh-based singer/songwriter/musician. My music can be classified as Alt-Rock-Indie-Pop. I recently released my debut double albums titled Prahelika-1 & Prahelika-2, which mean Enigma & Progress. Both albums contain a total of 15 of my original songs. These are acoustic guitar-based studio double albums, the first ever attempt by a solo artist in the history of Bangladesh’s music.

All the music was written, tuned, composed, sang and produced by me. I wrote all the lyrics. I also played all the instruments that went into making my albums, including rhythm, lead and bass guitars, drums and percussion. In addition to self-producing these albums, I am also responsible for the artwork as well. All the inside illustrations of the albums, including the cover art for both albums, were painted by me.

The songs speak to my inner-spiritual quests and experiences, my strengths, my limitations and my attempts at finding peace and serenity within my own self in the vicinity of this majestic Universe. The lyrics as well as the melody of the songs are my own take and understanding of life in general: the struggles, ambitions, dreams, the longing for positivism and the efforts to better myself as an individual by fighting off all sorts of negativity and pessimism. I hope that listeners can easily identify themselves with these earthly and soothing songs. Some other key characteristics of my music are that they are very confessional, absolutely sincere and very serious.

I would like to think that Prahelika-1 & Prahelika-2 are great works of music. As far as my musical inspirations are concerned, I am mostly influenced by 80’s hard rock as well as the mainstream pop of that musically wonderful era. Music from the early 90’s grunge and alternative movement and rock music from late 60’s and 70’s also educated me on elements that precisely influence the making of some good, decent and soulful music.

Recently, famous Dutch singer Bert Heerink, lead singer of the hard rock group Vandenberg, which was founded by the ex-Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg, kindly featured my music and albums in his official website. Joe Lynn Turner, ex-singer of Deep Purple, Rainbow and Yngwie Malmsteen (who also worked with many other internationally acclaimed artists like Cher, Lita Ford, Michael Bolton, Billy Joel, Bonnie Taylor and John Waite), was kind enough to write a review of my music in his official Facebook and Twitter page.

My advice to the new artists is to keep trying, have faith in yourself, and be honest and true to yourself in your creating music. Be humble in the face of both struggle and success.