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Nickey Duke

Nickey Duke

Singer-songwriter Nikey Duke recently released two hit singles: Lyin’ and Our Time Shall Come. His deep, sultry singing voice is perfect for rock ballads. The songs are terrific.

I asked Nickey Duke about the song Lying’: “The song is about relationships, turmoil, lying, deceit, alcohol and break ups. A lot of times I write in the third person. It helps me feel what other people might be going through. This song was written in the third person, but I can feel the angst.”

The single Our Time Shall Come is also written about a relationship. This time, there’s a true back story: “This is a very funny story. I was out in the middle of northern California on a large piece of land in a Timbuktu type of town. I was in a corner store one day, and this rock star girl walks in, dressed to the nines. I walked up and talked to her. She didn’t have a man and she had a place nearby, so I asked if we could hang out sometime. She said yes, but she didn’t give me her phone number.”

Already, I could see how Nickey’s story was gonna end. Here’s what happened: “I was writing for a different project at the time. That’s what I was doing in northern California. I pulled out my guitar and wrote a song. I found out where she lived and went to her house. I knocked on the door, and I told her that I was a professional musician and songwriter. I told her that I wrote her a song, and I asked if I could play it for her. She said yes and came out on the porch. I started playing for her; I got down all crazy style. After I’m done, there’s this long, awkward silence. She said thank you, and that was it. I drove off and never saw her again.” Luckily for Nickey Duke, he found lots of other situations to play that song and it worked like a charm.

Both songs were produced by veteran California record producer Gary Gray. Since the songs are so successful, I asked Nickey Duke what he looks for in a music producer: “One thing you need to look for is a producer who knows how to play instruments. The more instruments that producer can play, the better chance you have of getting your ideas and concepts out of your head and into and into the producer’s mind and manifesting into the song. A lot of producers can play keyboards and instruments on keyboards, but when you have a producer who knows the fundamentals of playing multiple instruments, it really helps.”

Nickey Duke and dogNickey Duke has an interesting back story: “I was born with no hearing, and I learned everything off my vision. I was deaf until about three and a half, when I had surgery. I did not hear clearly for another year. I still remember the first bird that I heard. I had no idea that animals made those types of noises. From that point forward, I could lose myself in the chords. If I heard three or four chords, I could manipulate them and change them and play them for hours. I wrote songs all the time about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, recess, hop scotch. I could write a song about anything. I’ve loved writing music for as far back as I can remember.”

Nickey’s love for music extends to multiple musical instruments: saxophone, piano and guitar. According to Nikey Duke, “If it makes noise, I can learn how to play it, but I’m trained on those instruments. I took lessons in school. I’ll never forget my music teacher, Mr. Alvaro. Being a musician is a lot of work. You have to make time and put the work in. If you don’t have the commitment to practice, then you’ll never be a professional. ”

In addition to Nikey Duke’s commitment to practicing his craft, he advises other musicians: “Express yourself without reserve. If you’re constantly thinking about what other people think about your music, it puts you inside a box. Music is like dancing. If you’re constantly thinking about the person next to you watching you dance, then you feel goofy. If you let your music flow through you like a channel and let your body do the moving, then every move is perfect. It’s the same with creating music. When you feel it, you have to let it out and go with it. If you are worried about what other people are going to think, then it hinders the expression and it gives you less of a chance to make it.” Well said, Nickey Duke!

Nickey Duke is working on a new album with Gary Gray. He’s practicing and writing music every day: “I have a practice studio. I don’t want to infringe on other people. I’m practicing, practicing, practicing, practicing. I practice three times a day. I’m also trying to eat right. I’m running. We’re expecting to do some pretty big things with this next album.”

The new project does not have a title yet or a release date. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

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