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Cynthia Kahn ~ Voice of the Indie Movement

Cynthia Kahn speaks out in support of the indie movement and has contributed to the cause as guest speaker on many social media platforms, from YouTube to blog posts to podcasts.


#CreatingIs YouTube Series

#CreatingIs, hosted by Tim McDonald and Ayelet Baron, is a series of YouTube shows where the two have conversations with new, bold leaders, showcase their stories and create a new movement that makes an impact. Tim McDonald invited Cynthia Kahn to be a guest on their show and tell the story behind the movement known as Amused Now.



Cynthia Kahn on Infectious MagazineInfectious Magazine

INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Cynthia Kahn (Amused Now)

Founder Cynthia Kahn answers questions about Amused Now and the indie scene. In forward by Angela Mastrogiacomo, she tells her readers: “If you’re not already familiar with the entertainment hub that is Amused Now, let us be the first to tell you: it’s awesome. Run by Kahn, the site brings talented creative individuals ino the spotlight with their guest blogs, in depth interviews, and exclusive content.”



Cynthia Kahn on The Appetizer Radio BlogThe Appetizer Radio Show Blog

Indie Artists Get The Help They Need

D Grant Smith asked Cynthia Kahn to write a post that shares how Amused Now helps indie artists: “Cynthia Kahn has dedicated her career to helping indie artists get the help they  need doing what they love – making art of all types. This guest blog shines a light on the great work that Amused Now Entertainment does in the art world, and illustrates how people with love for the arts are networking together to help artists grow their brand.”



Cynthia Kahn on MentorMondaysDoina’s Infinite Solutions

#MentorMondays: Cynthia Kahn, An Advocate For The Indie Movement

Doina Oncel is a social entrepreneur and founder of Doina’s Infinite Solutions, social media agency. Every Monday, Doina spotlights women mentors. She invited Cynthia Kahn to answer her #MentorMondays questions and talk about the indie movement.




Cynthia Kahn on Film Trooper PodcastFilm Trooper Podcast

Podcast 026: Cynthia Kahn, Amused Now (dot) com

Scott McMahon helps filmmakers become entrepreneurs. Scott hosts wonderful podcasts with amazing people from the film industry. In this episode, he interviews Cynthia Kahn and shares how she is helping all sorts of independent artists.




Cynthia Kahn on Film Marketing Blog Film Marketing Blog

What’s Important in Artist Promotion and How to Avoid Promotional Mistakes

Agnieszka Sorycz helps filmmakers become better business people. She reached out to Cynthia Kahn to write about how to avoid promotional mistakes.





Cynthia Kahn on The Nikki Rich ShowThe Nikki Rich Show

Amused Now Cynthia Kahn and K B Featured Artist

Cynthia Kahn met Nikki Rich on Twitter and the two became mutual fans. Cynthia featured Nikki Rich and Nikki invited Cynthia Kahn to be a guest on Blog Talk Radio’s The Nikki Rich Show.