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Charlene Amoia is best know for her role as Wendy the Waitress on the hit TV series How I Met Your Mother. Fortunately for Amused Now, Charlene graciously agreed to a written interview, to reminisce with us about the show and to talk about what’s next in her rising career. We’re excited to share that interview with you!

Cynthia: You’ve been cast in the upcoming Marc Morgenstern  thriller Vitals with Christopher Showerman.  The plot sounds quite creepy. Your husband wakes up in a hotel room missing a kidney and you are in line to be next. Frightening! Tell us more about the plot. When do you start filming and does the film have an expected release date?

Charlene: It’s a terrifically-written, completely frightening and very original genre film and I’m very excited to be part of it! We’ll be filming throughout December. Can’t say too much about plot yet, but if you like thrillers, you won’t want to miss this one!

Cynthia: You’re best known for your role as Wendy the Waitress in the hit comedy series How I Met Your Mother. That show must be a blast to work on! When you started playing the role of a waitress, did you think “this could be my big break?” Tell us about working on that series and how your role changed as it grew in popularity.

Charlene Amoia - Wendy the Waitress

Wendy the Waitress

Charlene: Oh, you never think “this will be my big break.”  Originally, it was only supposed to be a one-off , but I was just lucky enough to be upped to a recurring player. We got to see quite a bit of Wendy over the years.  It was such a special show to work on too, just a very collaborative and supportive environment.  I love it that I’m still recognized as Wendy the Waitress.

Cynthia: How long have you been acting? Where did you get your start? Give a little about your back story.

Charlene: I grew up in Buffalo, New York, but my family left there when I was 15 to move to Las Vegas. I did some modelling and that ultimately lead to acting. I got my start doing commercials and independent films before landing guest spots on various TV shows.

Cynthia: You’ve starred in several feature films and television series. Given all of your accomplishments, tell us about your most memorable filmmaking experience.

Charlene: Glee” was probably my most memorable filming experience. The episode I shot casted a group of kids that came over right from the hospital. They were cancer patients and the show was doing an episode  around them. It was probably the most special and amazing experience working with those kids that day.

Charlene Amoia - She film posterCynthia: I watched your short film She. I absolutely love it! So touching and real. You acted in the lead role and helped produce the film. How did you get involved with the project? Where did you find the darling rescue dog Bunny? The film has no dialog, which makes it quite interesting. Did you sing the vocals? If not, who did? I could not find who sang the soundtrack in the credits.

Charlene:  Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. My partner, Nick, directed the film – which is how I came to be in it – and Bunny didn’t have to audition for her part either, since she’s my dog. I’m really proud of “She,” and I’m really happy that people are discovering it online. The vocals are sung by a lovely artist named Jolie Holland.

Cynthia: We started the Amused Now blog as a place for artists to help other artists by sharing information and supporting each other. We’re also building a platform where independent artists can post their music, films and e-books for sale and profit from their creativity. Since Amused Now is about artists helping artists, what advice do you have for actors and filmmakers who are just starting out?

Charlene: Just believe in yourself, but don’t take things too seriously – just go in there and give it your best shot.  Most of all, be patient – success comes to those who work for it, but are also prepared to wait.  If you have the passion and if you remain dedicated, you’ll get there.

Cynthia: Great advice Charlene! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. We appreciate your time and your spirit of sharing.

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