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“Baby you’re the best.” These lyrics play at the end of my recent interview with Sam Wesst. I know I’ll be singing those words to his song “Six O’Clock in the Morning” when the world discovers, as I already have, that he is a substantial new musical and writing talent. This song could receive a Grammy. That’s all I could think of as I finished watching the edited version of my interview with Sam.

Sam is a humble, powerful, talented soul who reminded me of John Denver when he sang “Cotton Jenny” and made me tear up when he told her story on our video interview. This is the type of man the world does not have enough of. Men like my husband, solid, caring and true. If I know anything — and I believe in my instincts — Sam Wesst will soon be very well known. He wants be a part of the Amused Now e-commerce website when it launches and we’re delighted!

His album of 9 songs, picked first by him and then approved by Tate Publishing, is being cut in June for a fall release. Members from Reba McIntyre’s band will be accompanying. He’s staying humble about it, but I doubt Tate pulls out the stops for every artist they work with.

Sam’s book, Wounded Warriors is in Barnes and Noble, on, on and is soon to be on It is about a group of covert soldiers in Vietnam, not owned by the army or the country they serve. When they return, one of them comes back with evidence of their secret mission in Nam. They gather in a pack on motorcycles and ride to a remote location called Desert Rose. There they must fight to protect the secret and themselves against a very dark side of the country they once served.

Sam Wesst is not this author/musician’s real name. Pen names are nothing new. Sam, however, lives the part. He goes everywhere his job as author and musician takes him as Sam Wesst and none of his readers or fans knows his true identity. If any do, presumably family, they are sworn to secrecy like Lois Lane was about Superman. Why, I wonder? He was in Viet Nam. He rides motorcycles. Is he protecting something? We will never know. Sam is an awesome talent and a man of mystery.

But YOU can find him!

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Addendum to the Interview:

Sam Wesst Playing for Bob Dylan's 72nd B-day Party, Hibbing, MN 5/24/13

Sam Wesst Playing for Bob Dylan’s 72nd B-day Party, Hibbing, MN 5/24/13

Sam Wesst emailed me the evening before this post went live, May 27, 2013 to tell me that he opened in Hibbing, MN on the 24th for Dylan Days, celebrating Bob Dylan’s 72nd birthday singing “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” and “Econolodge Blues.” He was very well received with lots of applause and kudos from fellow musicians. It has begun!