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Preme Writez

Preme Writez

We selected pop-influenced singer and songwriter Preme Writez as one of our ReverbNation contest winners, because we love the R&B and soul influences in his sound. Preme Writez works hard to keep from being boxed into any one genre. Here’s how he describes this goal: “It’s like the puzzles of life. I hope to touch country, pop, hip hop, any genre. I want to be able to adapt, to be super versatile. Being able to accomplish every genre is the most important thing. I try to stay open to any genre.”

I love all Preme Writez music. When I told him that The Voice is my favorite, he seemed surprised. He told me that the song is named for the TV Show The Voice, but the lyrics were inspired from a bad heartbreak.

Preme Writez credits a long list of music influences: “Michael Jackson is, for sure, on everybody’s list. For me, he’s number one. I like Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Now, I like Miguel, Adam Levine and Bruno Mars. I love Adele. I like Justin Bieber too, even though everybody doesn’t like what he’s doing, but his music is crazy. I like hip hop: Kanye West and Jay-Z. I like Taylor Swift too.”

No doubt about it, Preme Writez has an amazing singing voice. He’s been singing since age 4: “I’ve been singing my whole life…literally. I went to a performing arts school. I’ve always managed to be a student, learning how to reach my potential. Everybody thinks that it’s handed to you, but you’ve really got to put in the work. It’s an ongoing process. A vocal course could be different two years from now, with different techniques and approaches. I just like the journey; I like the process.”

Preme Writez believes the digital age has created music that is disconnected from how music is supposed to make you feel. The concept intrigued me, so I asked him to tell me more about the issue and how his work bridges the gap. “It’s simple, digital and analog. Analog is what we used in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. We still use it now, but not as much. In this digital age, nobody wants to incorporate the warm, real, raw sound that analog brings. I bring that feeling from analog times into my music. It’s part of my reputation. I just like the feeling of real music. Adele won 5 Grammies on her first album, and it was really, really, really real music.”

Preme Writez performingSo, Preme Writez likes to use real instruments on his recordings, if possible, because it’s warmer and people can relate to it better.  He also encourages live performances when recording in the studio; record all tracks at same time: “Yes, yes! Have a little fun, you know? We all want to have a little fun and make some music.”

Preme Writez video for the single My Everything is very well produced. He co-produces and co-directs his videos to ensure his vision is correctly represented in film. Preme Writez works with a trusted team: Gordon Cowie, Alexandra Comeaux, Neelab Aayar, Adrian Gonzales, Benitez Barnett and Barbara Jefferson.

What advice does Preme Writez have for other artists? “Stay true, stay patient, stay real, stay humble. Find new ways and inspirations, regardless of what they may be: break up with somebody, have sex, do drugs. If you lose a family member, if someone else needs inspiration, if someone tells you a story, just stay open to opportunities. Work hard, because it’s a lot of work. It doesn’t come easy.”

Preme Writez has a new EP on the horizon: “We are working on a new EP called Lost Angel. It’s supposed to be released next March, but it could be delayed to May, maybe Cinco de Mayo. We’re looking to incorporate hip hop. Since I’m already in pop culture, I want to have fun this time around, a lot of bass, a lot of bounce. It’ll make you want to dance.”

In addition, Preme Writez is always songwriting and producing. He just wrote a song for Lil Wayne. And, he’s always on the lookout for that next great talent.

Congratulations Preme Writez for the nomination of your Love Letter EP for IMEA R&B/Soul Album of the Year! We wish you all the best!

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