Oleg Frish ~ Duets With My American Idols

Oleg Frish

Oleg Frish

Growing up in Soviet Russia, it was very tough to find different types of music, simply because there wasn’t a lot of variety. Foreign music was off limits. That didn’t stop many people from listening to music from the 50’s and 60’s secretly playing in one lucky person’s home. Friends and family would gather for a listen to the exotic, forbidden overseas rarity called Rock ‘n Roll (American music). As hits such as Hello, Dolly, Volare and Sunny seeped through, I heard the sounds that I have loved ever since. It was a dream come true.

I loved American music, anything that I could listen to. I loved singing along. My passion for music spans for decades and knows no language boundaries. I love singing and entertaining people; it brings a smile to my face and warms my heart.

I was fortunate enough to have my own TV and radio show that provided me the opportunity to meet wonderful people, music legends and various interesting people that share my passion for the arts. Because I am an entertainer, I learned hundreds of songs in different languages. Having met so many wonderful people, artists that I looked up to, I was truly blessed to record a whole album with these legends called Oleg Frish: Duets With My American Idols.

I am most excited now for the official release of my album on May 19, 2015, to see the hard work of myself and so many others involved come to fruition.  Though the work put into this album was hard, it was also utmost enjoyable. I am truly blessed to have wonderful friends who lend their voices and songs to my duets album, friends such as Gary U.S. Bonds, Ben E. King, B.J. Thomas, Lainie Kazan, Bobby Rydell, Chris Montez, Peggy March, Lou Christie, Tony Orlando and Melissa Manchester.

I always try to keep a positive outlook, always look forward to the future and only try to see the positive and good in people. Hopefully that transfers into my songs and inspires people to do the same.

My advice to young artists is to never settle. Continue to push and break boundaries and always be eager to learn. Also, be nice to people every chance you get. Embody your art and be proud of it.

Oleg Frish - Duets With My IdolsOleg Frish