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Melica Niccole

I like to think of myself as an Inspirationalist. An Inspirationalist is a person “who inspires or one whose beliefs tend to inspire others.” My ability to inspire others often comes in the form of poetry.

As a young adult, I used poetry to poetically express myself, whether it was during happy or sad times. Poetry allowed me to turn my feelings into spoken emotions, which many have openly stated that they enjoyed hearing. Poetry also allowed me to gain confidence in speaking to numerous crowds by learning to make connections with the crowd, owning the stage, and aligning the poem with the way it was to be performed.

In looking at the true feeling that guides many of my poetic escapades, I have to say that it is love. Love is a beautiful feeling. It allows me to experience life in such way that I just cannot help sharing my feelings with others. My journeys to love come in the essence of friendships, parental interactions, significant rapports, and family relationships. The truth about love is that sometimes love hurts. It can cry sad tears of solitude and it can uplift. What we must realize It that how we use the knowledge about love is what makes it worth giving and receiving.

As of this moment in time, I am grateful to have been awarded with numerous opportunities of reciting my poetry in front of national book festivals, community outreach groups, professional organizations, and other communities around the U.S. My joy for poetry is everlasting. This same joy that I write about can be experienced in my books: Poetic Outlets and My Poetic Soul Unleased.

My purpose in writing these books was to finally show the world that sometimes quiet is not really quiet at all. Quiet had only been silent for so long because it was overpowered by thunderous beings who only heard the sound of their own voices. It was also time for me to “unleash my soul in the form of poetic words and allow people to witness my talented aura on paper.” I wanted the world to develop vivid images in their minds of my poetic pieces that left footprints on their hearts. Below, you will experience a poem called Meet Me at Half of Pi. The poem is about meeting love half.

Melica Niccole - Poetic OutletsMeet Me at Half of Pi

That’s 1.57079632679
Square units from our starting point
It’s half of a moon
Half of the distance that it takes
For my eyes to encounter yours
Half of the time spent letting true love find me
When all I had to do was meet true love half way

If only Pi would have meant more to me
When I was a Geometry test taker
With no real equation to apply
The rationale of it all

Now I sit here
Carefully examining the equation
D = 2r

Melica Niccole - My Soul Unleashed

Which, if calculated correctly
Displays the midpoint between you and I

If this circle that I speak so highly of
Was reshaped with precision and care
It would morph into something so beautiful
That all those like it could see
a heart

I say with such truth and conviction
Meet me at half of pi


And every day that I breathe this glorious air


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Melica Niccole