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Mark King ~ FRENZY

Mark King

Mark King

My name is Mark King the author of FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story, which is now available for sale around the world. I’m also the writer behind the successful worldwide blog www.always-hanging-around.blogspot.com.  My varied working life has taken me from a fish auctioneer through to a Court bailiff, and then an area operations manager, plus other positions in-between. It has given me a rich tapestry of experiences that has helped feed my imagination, and which is now used in my creative work as a successfully published author.

One of the big spurs for my writing career was the death of my father-in-law. I’ve started stories over the years, but never got passed the second chapter, as the daily tribulations of life requiring my attention took priority; so my manuscripts would end up in a draw waiting for the day when I had time to finish them.

It was after this heart breaking event that I realized you can never guarantee tomorrow will arrive. I made the decision to resign from my secure job during the biggest world recession in living memory to concentrate purely on writing. Two years later, my first book, FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story, was published.

I’m now working on the sequel to FRENZY, which I have initially titled Daniel Jones DOOM. My intention is to carry on with the fast paced exciting formula that fans have enjoyed with FRENZY.

Mark King standingThe best advice I can give is be prepared for disappointment. It starts from the beginning when you ask friends to review your first manuscript. Don’t be surprised when they do, and they tell you that what you thought was the greatest story ever told is just not their cup of tea. It carries on with getting rejections from agents and publishers. Even when you finally are published, be prepared for strangers and reviewers to slate off not only your book, but you yourself, even though you have never met them.

The other piece of advice is to never give up, keep going. If you have made the commitment, have the belief in your manuscript and are prepared to listen to advice, you will make it. You have to take a positive look at every failure. See each one as a learning experience and think how you would work things differently next time, and take criticism as advice.

Always remember to listen, learn and adapt.

Mark King

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FRENZY is available on Amazon.com around the globe.