Khymberlee Carlyle ~ 2014 Indie Music Awards

Khymberlee Carlyle

Khymberlee Carlyle

I connected with Khymberlee Carlyle, founder of Lipstick Radio, last summer on Twitter. We became fast friends, because we both have a lot in common: we’re both helping create a world where artists can make a living doing what they love.

Last September, I interviewed Khymberlee as a featured artist broadcaster. I’m interviewing her again to talk about her launch of the 2014 Indie Music Awards in Los Angeles.

In 2006, Khymberlee started Lipstick Radio as a podcast. The original podcasts were about girls talking about relationships and girl stuff. As the show became more popular, growing to over 30,000 downloads a week, they began highlighting indie musicians.

Last year, they started broadcasting on Party 934 and 94.9 FM in New York. At that time, Lipstick Radio shifted entirely to the indie artist movement. Being part of the industry, Khymberlee knows how hard it is to get exposure. “We wanted to do something different and make a difference.”

This year, Khymberlee decided to launch her own version of the Indie Music Awards, starting with all the artists in Lipstick Radio’s 2013 rotation as potential nominees. Categories include Best Male and Female Artist and Best Song across R&B, Rap, Pop and Reggae. There is also Producer of the Year category, and one of the nominees is Amused Now Featured Artist TheBeatStillJK, who has three artists running in rotation.
Here is a link to the awards categories:!categories/c1kc9

Artist nominees include: Katrell the Phenomenal, Mz, Blue, C. Carter, J. Quest, Ashley Martinez, 4Sho, Da 13th One, Trixx, Doja and Phia Lamour. On the website, you can see pictures of all the nominees, sample their music and vote for your favorites!
Here is a link to the nominees:!nominees/ckvv.

Angela Ardis head shot (225x192)

Angela Ardis

In addition to recognition, the 2014 Indie Music Awards is giving away fabulous prizes to help winning artists boost their careers.  Amused Now donated a featured artist video interview and promo package. Winners also have the opportunity to be interviewed on Lipstick Radio, The Gud Tymes Show and more! They also get to appear on the cover of US1 Magazine and on two mix tapes. Four DJs have volunteered to put the winners in their rotation. “People came together because they feel the same way we do, and they want to push the indie artist movement and help those that deserve it and need it.”
Here is a link to the complete list of prizes:!award-prizes/c22rz.

The public gets to vote and choose the winners. Voting starts on March 6 and continues through April 5. If you want to vote, go to the Lipstick Radio website link:!nominees/ckvv, see the artist, listen to a sample of their music, click the Vote button and start following them on Twitter. When you click the Vote button, you’ll see a poll that displays the current voting status for that artist against the other nominees. Khymberlee emphasizes, “We have no control over the poll. This is completely fair.”

The awards show is April 17 at The Brownstone Bistro, 5047 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019. If you are not in Los Angeles, the show will be broadcast live on YouTube. Check the Lipstick Radio website for details closer to the show date.

Khymberlee is in the middle of an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to help her with the cost of the show. You can donate as little as $5. “You can help by sacrificing one day of going to Starbucks. The money goes to help pay for the awards, the tee shirts and the venue and the costs that go with putting together any kind of show.”
Here is the link to the Indiegogo campaign:

For artists interested in submitting their music for next year, you need to apply to be a part of the Lipstick Radio rotation. Go to this link:!submissions/c21nl and submit your music by completing the Song Submission Form. Angela Ardis in Atlanta reviews the music and gives Khymberlee the thumbs up or thumbs down. Everyone who makes it in the Lipstick Radio rotation this year will be eligible for the 2015 Indie Music Awards.

Khymberlee asks that you “please follow us and fan us on ReverbNation. I’m actually in the process of loading the music of all the nominees there, so you can listen to them there or you can download the Lipstick Radio Android phone app. I do upload music on iTunes, so iPhone users can still get the music through my iTunes link.”

Lipstick RadioAmused Now also wants to congratulate Lipstick Radio on their recent announcement about their radio station change. Lipstick Radio will move to WTGS home of The Gud Tymez Show which has been a long time partner of Lipstick Radio. Starting March 3, Lipstick Radio will be on daily, noon to 2 pm PT and 3 pm to 5 pm ET. You can hear the show via the Tunein App or

The Gud Tymez Show is hosted by Princess of All & Jay the Great and airs in 17 markets nationally and streams online globally. WTGS is ranked in the top 10,000 radio show sites in the U.S. (by and is an interactive variety radio show that features Top 40 music, in-depth celebrity and personal interviews and talk. Audience participation is a huge part of the show as well as supporting music from independent recording artists.

I’m so excited about the 2014 Indie Music Awards that I may just have to fly down to Los Angeles and join Khymberlee Carlyle for the live show! I plan to support Khymberlee with her fundraising campaign and I hope you will too.

Watch our video interview on the Amused Now YouTube Channel:

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Khymberlee Carlyle

Cynthia Kahn, Founder of Amused Now    

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