K.L. Belvin — Writing And Living From The Heart

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”
― William Wordsworth

K.L. and Tiffany Belvin

K.L. and Tiffany Belvin

Last Saturday, I had the distinct privilege of interviewing author, publisher, poet and educator K.L. Belvin for Amused Now. To say it was a delightful experience is an understatement; life-changing is closer to the truth. K.L. is genuine, full of warmth and love for God and mankind. He shoots straight from the hip, but more to the point, straight from the heart.

His heart has been through it all. At the advice of his wife, he published his first book of poetry, A Man in Transition. The poems describe his journey from From Gigilo to Jesus, the title of his second book. This amazing story is beautiful, touching and heart-wrenchingly honest.

He was “everything that is negative about a man.” He had slept with over 300 women, had multiple babies with multiple women, cheated on this girlfriend (now wife) three times and devastated many people, even his own soul. Everything changed when he rediscovered his faith and became a new man.

He read me a poem about how much he loves his wife Tiffany and considers her a blessing from God. It was so moving. Every woman wants her husband to feel the way he feels and speak the way he speaks about her. She is his anchor and adviser. She is his “perfect woman, if only in his mind,” as the poem states.

He leads with his heart. It may not be pure, but it is filled with faith and determination.

What is he determined about? He is determined to keep the genre of poetry alive and well. He is determined to help the youth of this country have values and know their worth. He is determined to live well and from the heart. He is determined to help other authors through the publishing company he and his wife formed three years ago. He is determined to build alliances with other independents like Amused Now, who will “leave something on the table” and not take it all from creatives. He wants artists to keep their fair share of the profits and encourage them to write again. He is determined above all to love his wife and his Lord.

The most extraordinary thing about K.L. is the transformation in his life and his willingness to give of himself, his time, his talents, and his very life to change this world for the better. I hope you all will take the time to listen to the interview and experience first hand the man who lives and writes from the heart. I would like to thank K.L. for the transformation he reinforced in my life. I believe he and his books will help transform this tired and discouraged world.

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