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JC the Genius

JC the Genius

Part of the Dallas music scene, hip hop and rap recording artist JC the Genius is quite the deep thinker, as his moniker implies. Although he raps mostly about drugs and drug dealing, JC wants people to see the other side of his persona. “It’s so much bigger than what you might hear. A lot of street rappers get stereotyped. They may or may not be that way. If I have a conversation with somebody, they’ll come out of that conversation with a positive vibe about me.”

I listened to all his music, and the single Laughing 2 da Bank is my favorite. JC the Genius labels some of his music as hip hop and some as rap. When I asked him to describe his music, JC told me: “I would describe my music as street music with a story aspect to it. I think of it as I’m Picasso, and I’m just painting a portrait of what I’ve been through or what I know about or what I see. You never know what you’re going to get, depending on the beat or the mood I’m in.” Being a painter myself, I love that analogy.

Every JC the Genius song is produced by a different producer, so I was interested in learning more about what JC looks for when he collaborates: “When I look for producers, I try to look for a sound that only they can bring to the table. So, when we make music together, what we make is something that only me and this producer can make. I use producers who respect my music and know my sound.”

In addition, JC the Genius shared his love for what he calls: “The dark sounds of music. You know, orchestra strings in the background and deep bass drums. I can make all kinds of music, but I guess my favorite is the darker tone music.”

JC the Genius credits Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., Drake and Eminem as his major music influences: “Just anybody who’s chasing the dream and who still believes they can accomplish their dreams. I get inspired by people who think outside the box and believe in themselves, whatever they’re doing.” JC is also interested in filmmaking. His major movie influences are Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

JC the Genius recording The songs, lyrics and imagery of JC the Genius are about dope and dealing. When I asked JC about his choice of subjects, he told me: “My street sounding records are so gritty and grimy, because I’m actually rapping about what I’ve been through and what I’ve seen from where I’m from. It’s been going on from before I was here, and it’s probably going to be going on way after I’m gone. I just figured I’d tell my side of the story. I also want people to know that my music will not be confined just to that type of music; look out for it. Right now, it’s just the music that’s most true to me.”

I met JC the Genius on Twitter, and I know he’s on social media quite a bit, so I asked him for some tips. JC got down to basics: “I use social media for everything. All of my accomplishments in the last five years have come from social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube ~ All of those are great ways for artists and other people to get word out about what they’re doing, to get people following and knowing what’s going on. I use it for everything: for people to see pictures, for people to see video clips, for people to hear songs and to share my thoughts and have discussions with other people.”

JC’s number one tip: “Not to spam. In the beginning, that’s what I was doing. Two reasons not to spam: 1) social media will stop you at some point and 2) people don’t like it. I learned to release my stuff through my own statuses and page posts and let people engage off that.” Amen to that!

What’s up next for JC the Genius? “I’m going to be releasing a mix tape soon called My Cousin Vinnie. The songs you heard will be on that mix tap. After that, I have a project called Julius Caeser. I also have a third CD, which I’m more excited about. The name is a secret. I have a lot of music playing. I also plan to release a five-minute indie short horror film in the next year to year-and-a-half. I’m making music and chasing my dreams.”

Also, on the music career front, JC the Genius advises other artists: “Believe in yourself. All the time, I look up and see no one around supporting what I’m doing. It’s just me. That’s when I realize that’s all I need. As long as I believe in myself, anything is possible. For all the artists out there, my advice to you is: Never stop dreaming and always believe. Keep God first and anything can be accomplished.”

Wonderful and wise, JC the Genius. You truly are a great poet.

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