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Jack Rank

Recording artist Jack Rank works hard and he’s grinding his way to the top of the hip hop scene. The name Jack Rank is a mindset that won’t allow you to give up. The name motivates and inspires him to keep pushing forward.

Of course, there’s a story behind the name Jack Rank. “Back where I come from in Florida, we had a term for when we freestyle with each other: ‘Come jack this beat.’ It stuck with me. Then, I added the military term rank, because throughout life, you have to move from one level to the next. Your whole mentality has to be that you are trying to get to the highest level and reach your ultimate goal. That’s the top rank. With me, I’m jacking rank on anybody that stands in the way of my goal. That’s the mentality anyone should have, if they’re trying to achieve anything.”

I love Jack Rank’s self-titled single Jack Rank, because he shares his life story. When we met for our featured artist interview, of course I asked Jack to tell me more about this song: “That song is one of my favorites as well. It’s an introduction track for me, so fans can get an understanding of who I am, what I stand for and where I’m coming from. That’s been my number one hit. It’s been a plus for me and plus for everybody who loves it.”

I also like one of Jack Rank’s older tracks All About You, so I asked him about this one too: “The music I make is situational music, about whatever situation I’m going through at the current time when I compose the record. The song is about a female that I was dating at the time. It was just something I wanted to get off my chest and be realistic about.” Then, Jack smiled and added, “Yes, it was a past relationship, and that one has long sailed.”

Jack Rank has been into music since middle school: “In middle school, that’s when hip hop peaked my interest. I wasn’t an instrument player or anything like that. I didn’t put my first record on wax until I was in tenth grade, everything before that was writing rhymes and freestyling. It’s all about sticking with it and grinding it out.”

Jack Rank profile and cigarBecause Jack Rank does not have a formal music background, he often collaborates with other artists. What does he look for? “There are a lot of rappers out here, anybody can rap. I can’t just jump on a track with anybody. When I collaborate with an artist, I look for creativity, I look for passion, I look for drive and I look at their mental weight. Is this really what they’re trying to do or is this just a hobby? If you show me creativity, we can work all day.”

Jack Rank has taken a more aggressive approach to social media when it comes to promoting his music: “We are just trying to get it in as many people’s faces as possible. We are trying to stretch it as far as it can go. We let them know we’re here, we’re here to stay and it’s something they need to jump into. All this music we put out is reality, and they can relate. A lot of people walk down the same road; it’s a good outlet for them. We stay in people’s faces every day. They go to sleep with us on the mind; they wake up with us on the mind.”

As an up-and-coming hip hop artist, Jack Rank has this advice to share: “We’re all in the same boat. The best advice I can give is you’ve got to be all in with it, you can’t just be half way in. With this, it’s going to take every bit of everything that you’ve got. Eat, sleep and breathe this. Anything else is just going to slow you down from what you want to do. Music. Music. Music. That’s got to be your mentality. With anything you want to do, you’ve got to immerse yourself in it completely. Lose yourself in it, and you’ll see the results start coming in.”

As you would expect, Jack Rank has many releases planned for 2015: “We’ve got a lot going on, and we’ve come out of the gate swinging. 2015 is going to be really hectic. As a matter of fact, as soon as this interview is over, I’ve got a video shoot for the street single called Paper. Be on the lookout for that! We’ve got a commercial track Drop It Low coming out.  We’ve got an EP call The Life Of Me coming out in March. We’ve got a mix tape coming up this summer. We’ve got a lot of traveling and shows coming up too. I’m thankful and blessed for all of it.”

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