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Increase Your Fan Base With Amused Now

Alex Winters, Musician

“How do I love Amused Now? Let me count the ways! Amused Now was one of the first online publications to give me a chance when I started trying to promote my album Starting Over. Cynthia has always been highly supportive of me as an artist and is an absolute joy to work with. She truly understands the needs of us indies and works extremely hard to make everything perfect. You won’t be disappointed if you work with this publication!”

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Mark Blacknell head shot

Mark Blacknell, Musician

“As an artist I have been careful not to further my career by compromising my authenticity. Plain and simple: through her genuineness and strong example, Cynthia Kahn helped me to focus on the business side of music in order to control my own destiny.”

Mark Blacknell’s ReverbNation Contest post:


Paula Tozer head shot

Paula Tozer, Musician

“Cynthia Kahn rocks!  I have had the pleasure of becoming part of the Amused Now family through Cynthia’s video interview and blog post, promoting my EP, Blue Muse.  This site is exactly what Indie artists need:  a way of reaching a large audience and expanding our fan base.  It is all about promotion!  Cynthia’s interview generated a LOT of traffic on my social media sites and for my website,  Highly recommended!”

Paula Tozer’s Featured Artist post:


Trell Daray head shotTrell Daray, Musician

“Amused Now has been very helpful in showcasing my platform as an independent artist. I’ve been very blessed to have had two great interviews with Amused Now. The interviews were very detailed, so my fans (as well as new fans I’ve gained) get a better glimpse into my world. Amused Now has not only increased my fan base, but has made my music and artistry known to many different types of listeners. Overall, Amused Now has been very beneficial in helping broadening my fan growth. Thanks Amused Now, you’re simply AWESOME!!!”

Trell Daray’s Featured Artist post:

Trell Daray’s 2014 Indie Music Awards post:


Jim Wilson head shot Jim Wilson, Musician

“I can’t thank you enough for your incredible support.  The guest blog spot that you offered me last month was, as you know, very timely as I was in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign.  The guest spot, then your tireless promotion of it via social media, was no doubt an essential component of my having reached my target. Your mission of “artists helping other artists” is a noble one and I, for one, am genuinely grateful for all you did for me, and for all you’re doing for Indy artists everywhere.  Thank you Cynthia!”

Jim Wilson’s Guest Post to promote his Kickstarter campaign:


Angela Ardis head shotAngela Ardis, Author

“Amused Now has been extremely supportive in promoting my novels and projects. Having the ability to reach old and new fans, via this portal, was monumentally instrumental in the success of my book launch.  Cynthia has fantastic energy, stellar focus, and the know-how to have your projects seen by an audience that spreads globally. Thank you for everything!”

Angela Ardis’ Guest Post to promote her book launch:

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Andrew Harding head shotAndrew Harding, Author

“Of all the sites who have hosted interviews with me, my guest post on Cynthia’s Amused Now site has had the furthest reach of them all. Hardly a day goes by without one or two tweets from her appearing on my page, thanking people for retweeting my post on Twitter. This proves to me that Cynthia’s site gains a lot of attention in the media and it has helped me considerably.”

Andrew Harding’s Guest Post:


Danica Worthy head shotDanica Worthy, Author

“Guest posting for Amused Now  has been a wonderful experience. Contributing the love I have for art creation and empowering leaves an everlasting sense of reward. Not only are contributors sharing and motivating each other, but we are impacting the world. Cynthia Kahn is dedicated to providing a platform and sense of home to indie artist. She is a great motivator and friend.

Danica Worthy’s Guest Post to promote her book launch:

Danica Worthy’s first Guest Post:


Sylvester Anderson head shotSylvester Anderson, Author

“Being featured on Amused Now has given me exposure to a larger audience, far more than just my blog fan base. Besides being promoted, it has also given me the chance to read and learn about other indie artist in all genres. Amused Now really does open the stage to some very talented and artistic people, who may otherwise be lost in a pool of indie talent. I have been inspired Cynthia and her great work and try to do my part in supporting other indie artists. Amused Now is truly the place to be for indie artists and I truly consider it my home.”

Sylvester Anderson’s second Guest Post:

Sylvester Anderson’s first Guest Post: