Get Paid to Play

Guitar with Money

Is there anything fun about being a starving artist? Not really.

If truth be told, maybe you’re not starving, but I bet entertainment is not your full-time gig. You’ve probably tried lots of ways to get noticed in hopes of being discovered.  Hopefully, you’ve made some money along the way, so you can keep investing in your creative future.

Here are some suggestions to help turn free into paid:

1. Tell your fans how they can help

A website is the best way to communicate with your fans, and you can customize it with information that jumpstarts your career. If you cannot afford your own website, take advantage of what’s free, build a business Facebook page or Word Press blog. Make sure your website tells your fans how they can pay to support you by including:

  • Schedule of your upcoming gigs and personal appearances.
  • Links to your paid content, where you sell your music, books, films and fan gear.
  • If you are a member of multiple projects, include links to those sites too.
  • The best way to contact you for paying gigs and appearances or to buy more content. At minimum, include an email address.

2. Lead fans to your paid content

Turn free into paid. Research popular websites that specialize in selling your type of entertainment, be it music, books or films. Choose a site that you can afford. Keep the content fresh. Now link your free content to your paid content. At minimum, free content should link to your website which links to your paid content.

3. Get  their contact information

Never miss an opportunity to get your fan’s contact information. Sign up for an email service like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. Your website you ask your fans to join your email list. Take a sign-up sheet to every personal appearance or gig. Create campaigns that use your list to notify fans about upcoming appearances, new paid content and new fan gear.

4. Get business cards

Business cards are great, inexpensive marketing tools. Create a card that looks as if you already are the successful entertainer, filmmaker or writer you want to be. Include a link or QR code to your main website. When you are not at your day job, you should be giving your entertainment business card out to everyone who asks for your contact information.

If you have any other ideas about how to get paid for your creative content, I’d love to read your comments.

Cynthia Kahn