Artists Helping Artists


Welcome to the Amused Now Blog, the first step in my online journey to help artists make a living doing what they love. The world is full of talented artists. I want to provide the opportunity for talented artists to sell their art for profit, so the world has the opportunity to experience their creations.

I understand. I create fine art and I live with a family of musicians. My husband is a world-class singer and electric bass player. My son plays bass violin in the oldest youth orchestra in the United States.

Iโ€™m working to change the paradigm that expects artists to give away their art for free in hopes of becoming famous at some unknown future date. The internet provides an excellent method for artists to take the control of their destiny, distribute their artwork and promote themselves.

Later this year, I plan to soft-launch the Amused Now marketplace:

  • Storefronts for distributing digital entertainment, starting with music, films and eBooks.
  • Pricing that allows independent artists to recoup their production expenses.
  • Talent scouts that spotlight exceptional talent through hosted videos (imagine YouTube meets MTV).

This Amused Now Blog is about artists helping artists with business and promotional advice. I plan to outline tips and techniques that help turn hobbies and dreams into profitable businesses. Our audience and fans will support us if we offer them the opportunity.

Join me on this exciting journey:

  • Spread the word to other artists.
  • Participate and leave comments.
  • Share your knowledge by offering to guest blog.

As more artists make it on their own, it paves the way for even more artists to make it too. How cool is that?

Cynthia Kahn