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Amycanbe ~ Mountain Whales



Amycanbe is a strange creature and project and has been called different names since we started playing together in a white garage around 2002. The founders are all still here…I mean me, Marco and Francesca.

Essentially, we have always had a subtle balance and mix between different minds and tastes. We are quite democratic, but not always…

…Even our influences come from totally different worlds and sounds: from Jazz to Kraut Rock; from Rage Against The Machine or Sonic Youth to amazing Italian writers, such as Battisti; great composers like Alessandro Alessandroni or Ennio Morricone; classic pop and rock bands The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Massive Attack and Apparat; and electronic stuff in general. There are so many bands we like or we are influenced by in one way or another.

Everything is there and it feeds our huge passion. Put simply: We always discover new music and new musical devices to feed our addiction. We don’t follow any particular rule. Looking back at what we did so far, every album seems like a natural consequence from the previous one, but each is also a sort of reaction against it. Honestly, all happens very naturally.

Our current project is our new album, as yet untitled. We are very excited, and we are just now arranging the few remaining details. This album is certainly different from what we have done so far, a totally new adventure. This time, we have more songs to choose from, and there are more vocal arrangements and melodies on certain songs than we used to record in the past. We have a couple of instrumental “spacey” tracks. This time, we are just three in the studio with producer Matta (Mattia Dallara), helping our songs to come up at their best.

Amycanbe performing I don’t know if or how our experiences have been different from other musicians. I am not standing on a podium, giving advice to other artists. I may not have enough experience to teach something to someone, in general, but I think there are some  points which are essential and important nowadays, far more important than in the past: Always try something different, not only when writing music, but especially when you are trying to push it and spread it.

This new digital era changed a lot of things. There are highs and lows, but this is an age where staying free is both the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity at the same time.

This is also the time in which an album is released every second, maybe more! You see all those covers like little card-stamps on sites… quite funny and absurd. This apparently makes things harder for musicians, but we believe that the content can make a difference and have weight, since people listen to music because they enjoy it. Nothing has changed from this point of view, has it?

It is all very fast and confusing, so I think it is important not to think at all about being fashionable. By the time you start doing something, it’s already out of date! There are a lot of bands that resemble each other, probably even us. So, why not make an effort to do something different sometimes?

Live (and Love) is probably still the big thing.

In the last days, we started speaking about new concerts, Yeah, we miss playing live a lot. This always happens when you put yourself deep in a new project, but now that we start seeing the end, we really can’t wait to go back on stage.

Amycanbe Mountain Whales Mattia Mercuriali
Amycanbe bass player