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Alex Winters ~ Almost There

Alex Winters

Alex Winters

Alex Winters is another amazing singer and songwriter that I met through GoGirls Music chat (#ggchat) on Twitter. I love Alex Winters’ sultry voice. I listened to all her music on SoundCloud and my favorite song is Almost There. Lucky for us, Alex has given Amused Now permission to sell this hit single on our website: http://amusednow.com/blog/product/alex-winters-almost-there/

Alex has an interesting metaphor to describe her sound. “The best way to describe it is pop rock with a hint of country and a dash of blues. Like if you were to take Aimee Mann, Richard Marx and Sheryl Crow and put them in a bowl and mix them up together, then you would come out with my music.”

Alex Winters is multi-talented. “On my last project, I wrote and arranged and composed all the music. I recorded little demos at my house. Then, I took everything to a studio and worked with an engineer to record. We hired studio musicians to play.” She’s open to collaboration, but she’s not working with anyone right now.

She has always been an active musician. Alex played flute from grade school through junior high. Then, she got involved in choir. “I got my first guitar when I was 12, but I didn’t do a lot with it formally, just played it in my room. I’m an avid poet, always have been, so I would write poems and put them to music. I didn’t get serious about songwriting and guitar playing until my early 20s, right before I joined my first band.”

Alex Winters rooftop head upAlex Winters has many musical influences. “The people that I identify the most with are artists like Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow and other singer-songwriter types like Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. I also love hard rock and prog rock bands like Yes and Tool, anything 80s.”

Like many musicians today, Alex Winters is all over social media. She’s on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and just starting out on Google+. “With the death of organic reach on Facebook, I’ve moved away from that and moved over to Twitter. I try not to neglect the other sites, but I’ve been spending a ton of time on Twitter. I just love the community. Once I figured out how to use it, it really took me back to the old chat room days, where you could just jump in and join a conversation. I found a big group of people that I enjoy chatting with and it’s been a blast!”

Alex has a subtle approach to connecting with new fans on social media. “I don’t usually market directly to them. If I get new followers, I’ll send them a link to my music or a video. What’s really fun to me is just starting a conversation with somebody and a couple days later, they’ll send me a tweet, ‘Oh my God, I just listened to all your music!’ It’s so awesome! I get a lot of compliments on my voice. It’s really nice when it’s surprise and you didn’t ask for it.”

Alex Winters plays live at local venues. She also helped pilot the very first GoGirls Unplugged, which takes place through Google+ Hangouts. You can find out more on Alex’s ReverbNation site.

When I asked Alex what advice would give other musicians, she responded: “Sometimes in this business, and it is a business, can be like a roller coaster of emotions. Some days, I’m amped and ready to go, I want to do this and take it all the way. Other days, it’s overwhelming, the amount of work that you have to do and doing everything by yourself. My advice to artists would be to find your people. Find the people that love you and love your music and support you. During those down times, let them hold you up and propel you forward.”

Right now, Alex is working on new material for her next solo album. “I’ve been showcasing some of it at my gigs and I’m really looking forward to writing more and finalizing that project for those fans who have been with me these past four or five years.” No name for Alex’s new project yet, but I can’t wait to hear it.

Alex Winters Starting Over album cover

Until then, buy your very own copy of one of my favorite Alex Winter’s songs Almost There: http://amusednow.com/blog/product/alex-winters-almost-there/ 

Watch our interview on the Amused Now YouTube Channel: http://youtu.be/nt3zRa5wr_Q

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Alex Winters

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