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There’s good reason why Saizzar won Lipstick Radio’s 2014 Indie Music Awards Best R&B Artist Male: his voice. I love his sound and the way he sings. His single Vickey See also won for Best R&B song.

Saizzar has been working with Khymberlee Carlyle from Lipstick Radio for the past year. Jonathan Kelley aka TheBeatStillJK, this year’s Producer of the Year, introduced them. In addition, TheBeatStillJK produced Saizzar’s award-winning song.

As you know, this year’s award winners were selected by their fans. Saizzar sets aside 1-2 hours each day to connect with fans and other musicians on social media. He’s big on retweeting. He also uploads short commercials to Instagram and gets fans talking with him on group chats. “We get into these little groups and we keep it going. They find people and let them listen and things evolve.”

Saizzar laughs, “I think the main instrument or engine behind everything might have been text messaging. I reached out to people who already were in my umbrella of music anyway and extended it to everything else that was going on.”

When he’s on social media, Saizzar uses TweetDeck to blast out songs every 15-20 minutes to all his accounts at the same time. He’s started live recording his singing and blasting it out to people and gauge their reaction. “It’s so funny. I average 5-6 followers a day on the most random things.”

Saizzar has been in indie music for the last 10 years. After playing football in college, Saizzar found that songwriting is his passion. “I’ve been songwriting since I was 13. I got into it again and just kept it moving. One thing led to another and it’s progressing. I can write a song out of the wind.”

Saizzar in vest with scarfSaizzar’s voice is his main musical instrument. He also plays keyboard, “especially when I’m trying to produce a beat.” Saizzar has taken a couple years of vocal and piano lessons. “I’ve really been trying to get into playing the guitar, but I’m not sure. It’s two different spectrums, playing keys and guitar.”

His influences are David Ruffin, Gerald Levert, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Music Soul Child, Tyrese, Ray Charles, Tank and Chris Brown. “I used to listen to David Ruffin a lot. I wasn’t even born when he was making music, but my dad used to play his records all the time. It’s something I just caught onto and I used to love.”

When it comes to collaborating with other artists, “I’m a vibe person. I’m an energy person. I feel your energy and the type of person you are. If we can vibe together, that makes the whole atmosphere comfortable, and it takes no energy to really do a song.”

“One thing that will steer me away from other artists is their work ethic. If they have a bad work ethic, it won’t even happen.” Saizzar’s advice: “If you’ve got the drive to go for it, never ever let someone tell you there’s something you can’t do. You tell me there’s something I can’t do, and I’ll promise you, I’ll go even harder to go ahead and do it.”

What’s up next for Saizzar? “I’m going on a 3-city tour with Brandy and Jacob Latimore that starts in Baltimore in June. This whole awards ceremony was just the beginning, and I don’t think it’s over. I’ve got a long way to go.”

Saizzar is working on another two songs with TheBeatStillJK. The first song is called Tin Man, about a man who has been through so much drama with a woman that he feels like he no longer has a heart, like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. The second song is called Breathing all Hard. He’s also is working on a song called Combination about how to get your woman in the mood. Other recordings include I Can Provide and Cold Day in Hell.

I agree. Saizzar has a lot going for him, and I expect to see many more awards in his future.

Watch the complete video interview on the Amused Now YouTube channel: http://youtu.be/gkmS2yWw-6c

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