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Amused Now Sponsors Get More Indie Fans

Amused Now shines a spotlight on talented indie artists and gives you the back stories you can’t find on any other site. In addition, we cater to multiple types of indie artists, so we have a wide-reaching fan base.

Our sponsor programs offer businesses that support indie artists the opportunity to co-brand with Amused Now. This is an excellent opportunity to be aligned with a leader in the indie movement and to share our positive mojo.

Ideas for Co-Branded Sponsorship

Featured Artist Interviews

Video and Sound logosSponsor our Featured Artist interview series, and we co-brand the interview videos by placing your logo in the interview video header and trailer and adding content about your business to the audio at the end of the interview. Amused Now Featured Artist interviews are converted to podcasts too, so your sponsor dollars are spread throughout the internet on multiple websites: YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes and SoundCloud. The best news is that the Featured Artist interviews are posted forever, so your advertising dollars keep on giving. How cool is that?

Social Media

Social Media logosAmused Now has active accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Plus, we have authentic relationships with our fans who participate on those accounts.

We don’t just distribute the same post on all our accounts. Amused Now’s social media experts work with you to tailor the message for each specific social media platform, so you maximize the return on your investment. Businesses who want to be aligned with a leader in the indie movement can gain more followers and learn more about indie social media techniques by working with Amused Now.

Featured Business Package

When businesses tell their stories, potential clients gain a better understanding about how those businesses can help advance their careers. This concept is so important to us that we’ve dedicated an entire web page to explaining the benefits:

Benefits of Sponsorship

Co-brand all aspects of the Featured Artist Series

  • Company logo on video header and trailer
  • Content about your sponsorship in trailer audio
  • Company logo on blog post

Internet-wide exposure in multiple formats on multiple websites

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • iTunes
  • SoundCloud

Posts are forever!

  • Sponsor dollars keep on providing return on investment

Social media experts

  • Authentic relationships with thousands of fans on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Message tailored to each platform to maximize investment
  • Gain indie fans and followers
  • Learn more about social media techniques

What do you need?

If you have other ideas for sponsorship and advertising, we’d love to chat with you.

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