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Victor Greywolf

My name is Victor Greywolf. I am a writer, low budget filmmaker and actor. I’ve produced a hit one man show that won awards in three festivals and premiered in two. I also produced a biography documentary and two more stand up shows.

A lot of people get inspired by watching movies on television or the internet, but some of us decide to actually give it a shot. Sometimes, watching a movie inspires you to pursue a dream of sorts, and that is what makes us who we are, as people. I was inspired by a lot of movies and television shows, and that is what got me to start making my own.

A lot of people will tell you that you can’t make a movie on your own because you don’t have a known name or you are not famous or you don’t have millions of dollars or you don’t have the right political connections. For those of us who have done it, we know those excuses are nothing but a bunch of bull crap, and that’s being polite to the naysayers.

Thanks to technological advancements, books and the internet, it is easier than ever to make a low budget movie. All you really need is a script, along with actors who are willing to work, for either free or low money. Most importantly, go out and just do the job!

When your film is finished, research places to submit it. Try submitting to film festivals, since they are the latest craze. Film festivals give those in the movie business a chance to see your film. Also, look into film contests.

I know a lot of artists are very frustrated. Being out there is hard, especially with the fact that unless you know people in the promotion business or have friends in the movie business, publicity for your film may not happen. The best advice I would say is: Take advantage of local places and the internet, since it will at least give you something. You may not get you on the A-List, but it’s a place is a place, right? At least you have that going for you. Who knows?

Victor GreywolfIf you want publicity, instead of social networks, which open you up to fake followers and joke subscribers, try talking to people outside the mainstream media and get publicity via that way. If you have a website, use that to. Write your own article or post or publicity piece and submit them to film magazines.

Also, you may need to forget the Hollywood fame for a while and enjoy what you have, since if fame is meant to be, it will happen. When first starting out, it may be better NOT to be famous. Use art as an outlet. Instead of looking for A-List fame, just enjoy what you do.

Art is supposed to be a joy, so enjoy it already. If you want to get something done, just get off your ass and figure out a way to get it out there. That’s all there is to it. Why make it more complicated?

As someone said to me (and this is the ultimate compliment), “We pity you, but we can’t stop following you.” Many times, that has been the case. Those who hate you in public, when you are succeeding, are often your biggest secret admirers. I’ve had that happen to me on more than a few occasions.

When you are on the front page of a paper that they follow, you are the celebrity. You get the attention. Haters may hate, but at the same time, haters are the ones who give you the attention you crave, follow the projects you do and read what you are about. Fame and celebrity are a double edge sword at best.

I am currently working another a day in my life movie. I have an album coming out this month, in April. I also have a new stand up movie, and I’m almost finished with a spin-off of my anti-hero series.

My albums, I understand life, why doesn’t life understand me? and The Ultimate controversy are available on iTunes, CD Baby and other sites.

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