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Van Leeuwen

Van Leeuwen

My name is Van Leeuwen and I am a 21-year-old hip-hop recording artist, certified audio engineer and producer from Grove City, Pennsylvania. I have been in and around the professional music industry for 10+ years learning everything I can while perfecting my craft.

My passion first and foremost is making and performing music, but over the years, I developed a keen ear for sound quality. I recently went to school for Audio Engineering at SAE Institute in Atlanta, where I received my diploma as well as a few recommendation letters.

I feel being an artist and an engineer only helps me, because I know what it feels like to be in the artist’s shoes, wanting someone to help make your vision come to life. My advice for hiring a good sound engineer is to find someone who is, first and foremost, knowledgeable with studio gear and, secondly, someone who has experience and a good ear. Listen to their previous works with a good set of speakers or headphones. Ask yourself, “Does this sound like it could be on the radio?” If so, you’re probably in the clear.

The newest project I’m currently working on is a new single that I’m dropping tomorrow: That Weight produced by d’Millionaire, producer a few of my previous successful singles. The song is really upbeat, fun and totally written, recorded performed and mixed/mastered by me. It’s really dope, if I do say so myself!

Another really dope project me and some fellow artists previously released is Fresher Than A Dead Man, which you can find on YouTube as well. This is a single by me and an artist from my area named Izzo and features Rhythm of RMA (the Ying Yang Twins new EDM group). I am on the first verse and also did the mixing/mastering on this record as well.

Van Leeuwen recordingThat project led to me mixing the Ying Yang Twins most recent single Mic Check, because they liked how I mixed Fresher Than A Dead Man so much. Oh, and I forgot to mention they also showed up and made a guest appearance in the music video. That was so cool to me, because not only did they not have to do that, but I remember being 12 years old and listening to them at school dances. Now they’re at one of my music video shoots! It was very humbling.

My advice for any upcoming artists is: Just don’t give up! If you’re in it and you have a vision, stick to it and believe it and MAKE IT HAPPEN. Don’t let where you’re at get in the way of where you want to be. Enjoy the ride!

Van Leeuwen
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