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Tikki Famouz

Tikki Famouz

Tikki Famouz is fresh on the hip hop music scene, and I love her debut mixtape Freshman Seminar. She’s an amazing lyricist with a unique sound.

My favorite single from Freshman Seminar is the autobiographical 80’z Babi Anthem, so I asked her to tell me the back story: “I get that a lot with 80’z Baby. It’s their favorite. They like to jam to that one, especially kids. For a while, it was just a tune in my head. After I put down a couple lyrics, I had my producer make the beat for it. He projected the beat around the words. We went forward with it, got it out and on the radio. We did a video. It was a dope concept that came to life.”

What an exciting story. Tikki Famouz agrees: “It was my first song saying publically for the world to know who Tikki Famouz is. It was hard work, because it was my first song. I tried to keep my first mixtape brief, so people could know who I am as an artist. I have no complaints about how the process went. It was a good outcome, so I’m grateful, I’m happy.”

Clef-Soul, the producer who made the 80’z Babi track is also a songwriter. Tikki Famouz collaborated with him on another track in Freshman Seminar. She also collaborated with an upcoming female artist ToyFinesse. What does Tikki Famouz look for when she collaborates? “I’m trying to collaborate with some new people. I make sure the artist is actually talking about something. I’m a big stickler for saying something in your music, bring hip hop back to where it originated: the storytelling.”

Tikki Famouz has been observing music, dancing and singing her entire life. According to Tikki: “My music background pretty much started from dancing. I danced at talent shows in school and amongst family members, who boosted me up and hyped me up. When I was old enough to go to clubs, I started dancing there. A lot of people knew who I was. I took dancing to a whole other level. Eventually, it came down to me doing music.”

Tikki Famouz - Connected MagWe can thank some amazing hip hop and rap artists for inspiring Tikki Famouz to create her own style of music: “I grew up watching people like Queen Latifah; she was one of my favorites from the old school. I really liked the fact that she had a message in her music. Another person that I grabbed onto was Missy Elliott; she had a unique style. She came out in an era where everyone was doing the same things, and she wasn’t afraid to be different. I was also influenced by Da Brat. One of my new influences in the rap game is Nicki Minaj, how she came out hungry to be heard. She broke down barriers for people like me, that it’s OK to come out and share your story with everyone.”

Being a younger artist, Tikki Famouz is always on social media. “I do basic social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. I make sure that I share my songs and my links. I also have SoundCloud and ReverbNation. I have an MTV page, where I’m one of the artists to watch. I connect with my fans on all those websites.”

Tikki Famouz has some excellent advice for other young artists who are trying to make a name for themselves: “Do not be afraid to go out and get information. Anything that you want to do, you’ve got to learn about it. Don’t wait. Go out and get the information. Follow your dreams to the fullest extent. Don’t let anyone deter you.”

What’s up next? Fans want to hear more from Tikki Famouz, so she’s working on new tracks right now.

She’s still pushing Freshman Seminar: “There’s only been a few months since it dropped. So, I’m out pushing those CD’s in the streets and pushing for downloads on DatPiff.com <http://www.datpiff.com/>. Download it, it’s free.”

I wish Tikki Famouz all the best with Freshman Seminar. I can’t wait to hear what she does next.

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