The Music Has The Power

Damien Cripps Band

Rolf Fox Drums, Glenn William Wallace Bass Guitar, Damien Cripps Lead Vocals and Guitar, Ashlea Griffiths Vocals, Owen Evans Guitar and Vocals

Damien Cripps, Indie musician, has the heart of a poet, the soul of a musician and the mind of a lawyer. He is all three ~ I was delighted to discover in our interview this Saturday. We are social media buddies going way back. We hadn’t Skyped in a long while, neither had I seen him online until lately. So he surprised me with the lawyer part!

He took a hiatus from his online time, kept up his music and went to law school. He’s now moonlighting as a lawyer during the day and playing his music in the evenings and on weekends. That sounds like Damien. His passion is and always will be his music.

We talked about a conversation we had a few years back about Indie musicians and I asked him how they had changed the face of the music business. He explained that Indie musicians had not changed so very much, but the internet changed everything. Suddenly, the Indie musician’s voice became much louder in the mix. He is”noisier” as Damien put it and not to be ignored.

There is more music out there, and the large bands with the big names are forced to go out on tour. The audiences win out all the way. There is more music, but often musicians give their music away for free.

We talked about Amused Now and our plans to make it easier for musicians to be paid online for their music and to gain exposure. The power of the business, Damien maintains, is always the music and it will find a way. Even with Social Media and the tremendous tools it gives the musician to get the word out, the music is the ultimate engager, not the friendly persona of the player. It’s all about the beat.

He should know. Damien’s music had spread far beyond Western Australia, to Europe, Canada and the U.S. by the power of its beat and his persistent, skillful use of social media. His band members may change a bit, but not the sound he once described to me as a particular style of rock — a cross between John Mayer and Keith Urban. Whatever they have, it’s powerful.

Tune into the video of our interview and hear us discuss his favorite songs:
Damien Cripps and Libby Baker Sweiger Interview 5/18/13

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