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Tara Dublin

Tara Dublin

The social media world is a wild and crazy place. I wrote a blog post about Matthew Modine and met Tara Dublin, actress and radio personality, here in my home town of Portland, Oregon.

Tara stars in the hit web series The ScreenPrinters, available on YouTube and Funny or Die. The series has over 1000 subscribers, 7000 viewers and 29 episodes to date. Everyone is so excited about how well the show has been received, considering it only went live about 3 months ago.

The team shot 6 more episodes and has one more scheduled shoot date. Then, the series’ future is uncertain, but Tara hopes to do more.

Tara became involved with the project when Mercedes Rose, the series’ producer, was looking for just the right person to play the shop owner. Mercedes wanted the shop owner to be a woman who’s sarcastic and funny, so she asked Tara to audition. Tara got together with the other cast members (Brian Sutherland, Katie Michels and Hannah Barefoot) and “it was magical.”

The team markets the series through social media, mainly Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr, because the show is on the web. Support from stars like Matthew Modine and fan word-of-mouth play a big part. However, as Tara explains, “if anyone from Entertainment Tonight wants to come and film us while we’re shooting the show, I wouldn’t say no.”

Tara Dublin in Mathew Modine tee

Mathew Modine tee

Matthew Modine gave the team permission to use the show to market a tee with his face on it, and a portion of the proceeds benefit Oregon Children’s Theater. We, at Amused Now, think it’s so cool that The ScreenPrinters is helping young artists!

Ryan Cole, from Cole, Inc., pulled Mathew Modine’s avatar off Twitter and created the shirt. Tara was a little nervous that he would say “No,” but he was so supportive. Tara describes Matthew as “one of the celebrities who is doing Twitter really right. He is so available, he’s so present and you know that it’s not an assistant doing it.”

It was Ryan’s idea to give a portion of the proceeds to a charity. Matthew suggested the proceeds go to a local acting school in Portland, so the team chose Oregon Children’s Theater. You can get the Matthew Modine tee at FoodieShirts.com. Matthew promised that if he was ever within 300 miles of Portland, he’d stop by and speak to the kids and make a cameo appearance on The ScreenPrinters.

Tara has been a background extra on Grimmthe hit NBC TV show, since Season 1. She sits right behind the lead characters Nick and Hank. They’re just starting to shoot Season 3, which airs beginning October 25. “It’s such a great experience. It’s so much fun!”

Watch the complete video interview:

Tara Dublin

Tara Dublin

Support Tara Dublin in her effort to get actor George Clooney to accompany her to the Human Rights Campaign’s Portland Gala on July 27. It’s not too late!

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