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Smiz The MoneyKid

The Office Boys NY is made up of Smiz The Moneykid and Villa Dom, and we are the new wave marketing and promotion gurus of this new digital, social networking age of the music industry. Many major artists and labels are somewhat confused about how to reach the millions of fans who thirst for new music, but we’re not, lol. With the emergence of satellite radio, internet radio and digital streaming services, the indie artist now has a level playing field when it comes to having their music played and being heard by millions of fans.

The first step for any artist is song protection and proper song registration. Companies like Soundscan, BDS and Radiowave all do digital radio tracking, and Sound Exchange is the exclusive company appointed by the Library of Congress to collect and distribute royalties to artists and copyright owners for music being played throughout various streaming services and digital radio stations.

You no longer have to be signed to a label in order to receive royalties, but the key is still good music. A hit song is a hit song, whether you’re indie or signed. So once you have a hit, the next step is to get the copyrights and then have song registered with a P.R.O. or a performing rights organization like ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or the Harry Fox Agency.

These companies distribute royalties for your music that’s played on terrestrial radio (FM radio). They pay the songwriter, the composer of the music and the publishing company who indexes and administers the business side of a song. Although these services charge a small fee, you will be able to receive royalties directly to your bank account or mailbox.

Villa Dom

Villa Dom

Aside from being the new wave marketing and promotion gurus of this new digital and social music industry, Smiz The MoneyKid and Villa Dom have been building successful indie careers since 1998. Although we are both solo artists, we came together when Villa Dom became a part of my Brooklyn super group Ghetto Mentality, joining me and FLM and P. Bombay.

After doing shows on both the independent and mainstream circuit, dropping several mixtapes and three successful commercial releases under Engr Entertainment, which include Street Life, Get Da Doe (Produced by Dead Prez), N IT IV Life (Ghetto Mentality’s first commercial album) and 13 1 Hit Wonders (Ghetto Mentality’s latest album), we decided to expand the brand and launched The Office Boys NY.

We have released several projects, including the history-making mixtape Respect My DJ, the first mixtape to ever be played on FM radio in its entirety. Our current project, Tell The World To Pardon My Back, is available for free download on SoundCloud. This mixtape markets and promotes the dual release of my album Pardon My Back and Villa Dom’s album Tell The World I’m Coming.

We also run a program called Music Meets Literature, in which we create music for books to promote reading and literacy. We currently have the song In The Cut by Cleshay, available on iTunes and Amazon, that was created to promote the urban novel In The Cut by Arlene Brathwaite and Dawn’s Song written by The Office Boys NY and performed by Tameka Amar for the novel Darkest Before Dawn also written by Arlene Brathwaite. We currently have several new Music Meets Literature projects in the works, including songs for Timeless Clock written Vulyncia Poindexter, Never Again No More written by Kreceda Whitfield Tyler, Until Tomorrow Comes written by LaDonna Marie and Soul Dancing and Casualties Of War, both written by Arlene Brathwaite.

Smiz The MoneyKid - Pardon My Back album coverBefore we release both our solo albums later this year, we will be releasing another mixtape entitled Ear Drum Love produced entirely by Kenny “Black District”, the music director and co-host of the blog talk radio show Poetic Designs, along with Ms. PD aka Tammie Bella which airs every Tuesday from 8pm-10pm via

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