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Sid Sudiacal

Sid Sudiacal

There are times in one’s life when seemingly discombobulated moments, strewn about within the mind, suddenly coalesce in one moment of clarity. It is that eureka moment that we all long for and wish would happen to us as individuals. It happens so briefly in that tiny, minute fraction of what we humans call and conceptualize as time.

Yet, once this truth is revealed, we are left changed. It is as if we are no longer the same person. That which once slumbered in the deep recesses of our soul is awakened… and we no longer have the luxury of ignoring nor denying its presence. In that moment, I realized what I have always lived out, but never acknowledged. I realized the joy and power of writing.

Growing up, I always envied how painters can use simple brush strokes to represent life with all of its triumph and tragedies. I was jealous of photographers who through their cameras captured moments that told a story beyond the stillness of the image.

As I thought about how jealous I was, I was struck with a thought that challenged me. When I write, my words, like brush strokes, can take people to imaginary worlds that are as real as our reality. My words, like still images, can profoundly affect how someone feels. With words, I have the power to make someone laugh and cry. With words, I have the power to make things that do not exist and call them forth into being. If that does not make you tingle with excitement at the power you possess at your finger tips, I don’t know what will!


The Joy of Writing

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Once you let that sink in, it is hard not to be filled with joy. I am joyful that I have words to use at my command. I am even more joyful when I am under the command of the words who have chosen me as their vessel.

There are times when the words swirl about in my mind, teasing me to come nearer, daring me to dance with them, gently reminding me to be submissive to their leading. Through me, they are released into the world. And the world is forever changed because of it. The world is no longer the same as a result. What sheer madness to think and contemplate that we, as writers, have access to such brute and gracious strength! Is this not what it means when we say “the pen is mightier than the sword”? The sword only brings death, while words can control both life and death.

Artists often have a muse to inspire them to do great works of art. Perhaps, in the same way, writers are nothing but muses to words. As writers, we are often told to write often to hone our craft. Practically speaking, this is true.

However, let us not forget the fact that maybe what qualifies us as writers is not because we write, but because the words chose to live within us. We are its chosen conduits. With our words, we can transport people to different places and different times. With our words, we can comfort the downtrodden and exalt the lowly. With our words, we can change the world we are living in. Let us then revel in the fact that we, as writers, have been chosen to partake in the word’s awe-inspiring power. May our hearts find gladness in this most joyous truth. 

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