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Shantell Ogden

Shantell Ogden

Recently I was joking with a friend that creating happy songs makes my palms sweaty, especially if they are up-tempo. That’s because, like many artist/songwriters, my natural mode is to write a lyrically deep and mid-tempo-ballad. I’ll even take what could be a happy title and ‘ballad it up’ if left to my own devices!

This realization got me thinking about getting the proper balance in my records, so fans aren’t left too depressed or only listening when they feel like crying. Yes, I want them to get a bit of hard truth and think, but I also want them to enjoy it and tap their feet. After all, there is a lot to be happy about in this world!

So, in an effort to hold myself accountable as an artist to the well-balanced album approach, I created the menu below, which I am following for my new album Ghosts in the Field.

For Ghost in the Field, I have selected:

  • 2 songs with heart: Blossom in the Dust and God Counts Every Tear
  • 2 deep and dark tunes: Be My Rain and Who Comes First
  • 2 happy and positive songs: Just a Little and As Long as You’re Mine
  • 1 personally defining song: Ghosts in the Field

I should also mention that I wrote five of the seven songs on the project, and found a happy song and a song with heart from some fantastic writers in Nashville. If you’re not great at writing different tempos or types, you can always look for songs written by others to balance your own records. And, if you don’t know enough songwriters, please tweet me at @shansmusic and I’ll help you find some songs, promise.

In short, my hope is that fans and friends will walk away from listening to any ‘musical meal’ I make feeling fully nourished!

Shantell Ogden

Shantell Ogden is an award-winning Americana artist and songwriter based in Nashville.

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Shantell Ogden - Menu for well-balanced album