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Robert Hamilton

Robert Hamilton

One day, Robert Hamilton decided to record the lyrics of a song written by his childhood friend and mentor Cranford Hamilton Nix to honor his passing. One thing led to another and the rock group The Hamiltons was born.

The Hamiltons are bringing old style rock back to the forefront. I hear influences of Tom Petty in their music. Robert even looks a bit like him too. “Tom Petty is a guy that I’ve always loved and admired and someday hope to meet. I’m compared to him and Neil Young sometimes, because of the uniqueness in my voice. Cranford taught me to find my own voice when we were wee lads, as we like to say.”

Everyone in the band has taken on the name Hamilton. As Robert Hamilton explains, “Tom Petty was a Traveling Wibury. They were all Wilburys, the Ramones were all Ramones and we’re all Hamiltons. They were all brothers in music and that’s what The Hamiltons are.”

When Cranford and Robert met, “Cranford taught me the basics of music and told me that I was going to be a big star. I’m like, I can’t even sing. I can’t play guitar. Cranford told me that we didn’t need to be the best singer and best guitar player. We just need to write the best songs that are real life stories.”

All the eleven songs on The Hamiltons first album In Cranford We Trust were composed by Cranford, except for one song that was co-written by both Cranford and Robert. Robert formed The Hamiltons to bring Cranford’s songs to life and to share them with as many people as possible.

Robert Hamilton lead singerGreg DeLiso and his production company Monrovia Pictures produced terrific videos to showcase The Hamiltons music. The band’s music producer, Jesse Wozniak, went to school with Greg. “Greg has worked with me every step of the way. We have two more videos that are done, but are yet to be released, coming out in the next couple of months. We’ve moved into doing the classic MTV videos of the ‘80s, where we have the story line in the video and it cuts to the band playing live. With our music and with our videos, we’re taking it back to where it belongs.”

The Hamiltons have a website and splash page. Robert Hamilton also has a website for the record label he started, Soul Fire Records.

Robert Hamilton is the CEO, manager and lead vocal for The Hamiltons. Shane Sanders Hamilton introduced Robert to Jesse, their producer, to produce what was originally supposed to be an EP. Shane plays guitar and Jesse plays drums. Shane also helps with booking shows and promoting the band. When the band plays live, Bobby Black Hamilton Gretsch joins on guitar and vocals and Paul Barning Hamilton on bass.

Robert explains, “We are growing towards a long-term success. Soul Fire Records will be a very successful label, after The Hamiltons get off the ground. Then, we’ll be looking to sign bands to our label and I’ll promote them.” The Hamiltons second album Angels in Love will be released at the end of this year or early 2015.

Robert Hamilton and guitar player 1When I asked Robert Hamilton what advice he had for other artists, he told me: “Stay true to your art. Don’t sell yourself out. Work very hard and then work harder, because if it’s truly something you love to do, it’s not like work at all.”

Robert also advises: “Don’t sell out. Don’t take the first deal that comes along if it’s going to compromise your integrity as an artist. As you know, there are a lot of people in this business who take advantage of people. There’s no set formula and there’s not set age limit. Stick to what you believe in and keep going through those obstacles. There’s always going to be naysayers and haters along the way; and where there are, that means you’re doing something right.”

Robert Hamilton continues: “Life is what you make it. If you want to make it happy and good, then it is. Be somewhat business-minded. Use the tool of the internet to help you out; that’s how I got my publishing company going. Educate yourself. Have a Plan B, because Plan B will help your plan A. I’ve had to use my Plan B (my business) to resource my Plan A, and it’s all worked out the way it’s supposed to.”

I believe Robert Hamilton, because he smiled through our entire interview. Do your art. Be happy. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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