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Ricky Jarman

Some people have it all: talent, looks and drive to succeed. Ricky Jarman has all that and more. In addition to being an amazing upcoming star, Ricky is professional, polite and positive. In short, he’s fabulous!

Ricky recently released a new video Mi Amore and album Make It Happen that includes the hit single and video Do It. Right now, Ricky is in the middle of a big campaign to push Mi Amore.  He’s prepping for his next music video for the title track Make it Happen. For this next video, Ricky is applying new “artistic pieces” that he’s never done before, so his team is very excited. Ricky is working on a new EP that should release in November-December timeframe.

Ricky has always had a passion for the arts, especially singing and dancing. He’s taken hip hop dance, gymnastics and voice lessons.

Before going solo, Ricky was in the boy band United, formed at the American Talent Showcase. Christian Dio, a popular Florida DJ and owner of Caliber Records, formed the band. United was working on an EP and they were about to get signed by Epic Records, when a couple of the guys left the band.

Even though United disbanded, the experience was a great opportunity for Ricky. While with United, he worked with voice coach Andrea Martin, who has helped stars like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey; Prince’s bass player; Glenn Douglas Packard, one of Britney Spears’ choreographers; and Angel and Aaron Carter in the studio.

Ricky took a year to regroup and now he’s “ready to rock!” He recently won the “Carolina Music Awards” in North Carolina. Plus, he’s moving to New York. Momentum is steadily increasing.

Ricky is part of a new breed of artists who know no creative boundaries. The music industry continues to evolve, with artists coming from all aspects of life, bringing forth their creativity. Ricky feels he’s one of those artists, because he combines singing, rap, BeatBox and dancing with his music. “There are no limits, when you apply all these different aspects with music itself. I’m trying to be a positive influence, a positive role model. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what category your music falls in; it’s all about making the music that you love and having the confidence to push through and share it with the world.”

Social media plays a major role in advancing Ricky Jarman’s career. He taps into FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Google+. Since the internet has grown so much, you can get a lot farther with social media and reach people all over the world. “It’s a great blessing being able to reach out to people and get new fans.”

Ricky posts his music with CD Baby, which distributes it through Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music. He prefers to share his music over iTunes and Amazon.

Ricky biggest piece of advice is to “never, ever give up. There are always people out there who want to hate and don’t support you, people who don’t see eye-to-eye with where you’re trying to go with your music. That should never ever be a roadblock for you, because there will always be people out there who appreciate your music for what it is. It’s all about trying to find those people and tap into your demographics. It would be a shame to limit yourself and put yourself in a box.”

Well said, Ricky.

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