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Macy Kate

Macy Kate

We picked teen singer-songwriter Macy Kate to be our ReverbNation contest winner because she’s adorable, we love her positive message and we’re crazy about her breakout hit single iH8 That. When I interviewed Macy, the first thing I asked was for her to tell me more about this song.

Macy explained: “I wrote iH8 That with kids out of New York. It was a really smooth writing process, and everyone was really collaborative in the studio. The song is about this guy I really liked, and all my friends kept telling me not to like him. I just couldn’t stop liking him, and he kept doing things that made me like him even more. It was really annoying, and I hated it. So, what’s a better title than iH8 That?”  The team that co-wrote iH8 That with Macy are the TE Music Group, which includes Laura Monaco, Joseph Martino, Jessica Hudak, and Justin Bryte.

Then, Macy Kate produced the video with her YouTube partner Kurt Hugo Schneider: “Kurt is a genius. He’s amazing. I’m super-excited about how well it’s doing, and I’m super-proud of the result.”

The huge success iH8 That  really means a lot to Macy: “The most amazing experience so far this year for me has been the You Tube success of iH8 That, with over 700,000 views in just eight weeks. That blows my mind. I believe there is an underground movement towards rock, especially with teen girls. For an original, like iH8 That, to have this kind of response means something, and I hope to get on the road soon and share my music all over the United States and beyond.” I hope so too!

I also love Macy Kate’s hit single You Gave Me Love, because it’s such a positive and fun song: “That song was written with a good friend of mine, Meghan Trainor, who’s doing big things now. We wrote that in Nashville about a year ago. I sang that single when I toured with Before You Exit last spring. I love how positive that song is. My teen fan base gravitated to that song. The song uplifts your self-esteem.” The writing team on You Gave Me Love is Macy Kate, Meghan Trainor, Andrew Fromm and Mike Krompass.

Macy Kate collaborates with a long list of artists. What does she look for? “I’m mostly into the YouTube world, so I collaborate a lot with different YouTubers. I also collaborate with songwriters as well. Most of the collaborations I do are with my friends, and people who I love talking to. It’s a supportive process. I like supporting artists who are also independent, because we both know the struggles of being an independent artist.”

Macy Kate in streetIn January, Macy Kate turned 17. She’s a rising star, which can be a lot to handle. How does she keep everything in perspective? “I’m mostly involved with the YouTube world, so I go to a lot of the YouTube concerts. The fans are crazy. I really appreciate all the support. I stay humble and grounded, and I have a great team around me that’s always keeping me in check.”

Macy Kate’s kindergarten teacher was the first to recognize her talent: “I was singing the national anthem very quietly, and my kindergarten teacher noticed me. I wasn’t very good back then, but I took some lessons. Through the years, I developed my voice.”

In Atlanta, Macy got into the music business and became part of a 4-girl group: “That group had amazing harmonies. I learned so much about the business. I auditioned for some reality shows, and I made it on Rising Star with Kesha, Ludacris and Brad Paisley. After that show, I decided that I really wanted to take it to the next level, so I moved out here to LA and I am working like crazy.”

What advice does Macy Kate have for other teen artists who are trying to make it? “I tell a lot of people that I come in contact with to never give up on your dreams, no matter what anyone says. Whenever you get knocked down, always get back up and brush yourself off. Always stay inspired, even when things get hard. Know that you have a path and you’re meant to be where you are, so keep going and never stop.” Macy Kate is so wise for someone so young.

Macy Kate works hard to live her dream, and you can help: “I’ve been writing a lot and I’m about to release my EP. I wrote my whole EP for the Warped Tour. I’m really hoping to get on that tour with the fan’s help. That’s my dream tour.” If you want to help Macy get on the Warped Tour, tweet out to the tour director @KevinLyman with the hashtag #MacyKateOnWarped.

She’s also been making headway on the radio and television fronts: “I’ve been talking to Radio Disney. I’ve been working a lot with Awesomeness TV. I have about 6 episodes on their channel right now.”

She has an endorsement with Daisy Rock Girl Guitars: “I just love their guitars. There nice and sparkly and pink, and I love playing them.”

Macey Kate is super-excited about what’s coming up. Find out more by following her Twitter and Facebook pages.

Photos provided by Dani Thompson DNT.

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