ReverbNation Contest Winner ~ Wayne D.

Wayne D CEO

Wayne D CEO

Congratulations Wayne D. CEO from Come Get It Records for being Amused Now’s first ReverbNation contest winner! We selected Wayne D. because we love his beat and unique hip hop sound. My favorite Wayne D. song is Fire & Rain, because of the way he mixes singing with hip hop.

Turns out, Wayne D. is quite poetic in his approach to life and music: “My music simplifies the things that are going on in everybody’s character, no matter who they are. Music is a strong point of view; music is a strong passion. My musical background comes from experiences.”

“A lot of artists who sing, write, rap or play any type of instrument, they are releasing a lot of stuff they have inside. Whether it’s good energy or bad energy, it doesn’t matter. Music changes the world.” To illustrate his point, Wayne D. continues, ”If a bomb were to drop and there were only a couple of people left and no instruments, I can guarantee you that someone will pick up some kind of stick, and we’re going to do something to entertain ourselves. ”

As inspiration for his sound, Wayne D. credits a long list of music talents that includes The Impressions, Curtis Mayfield, The Drifters, The Platters, The O’Jays, Bad Company and The Sugar Hill Gang.  According to Wayne D., “I’ve had a good upbringing on music, from Journey to The Temptations. These are all strong focal points, even in today’s society.”

When I asked Wayne D. what skill sets he looks for when he collaborates with other artists, he told me: “Some people like hamburger; some people like rib eye. I prefer rib eye. It’s about quality and presentation. A lot of people in the music industry seem to have the notion that they’re going to make it overnight, especially a lot of hip hop artists.”

come get it records studio“What do I look for in any type of artist? It has to be real. Music has to come from your heart, because if it doesn’t, then you’re not going to be able to reach anybody. The reason you liked the artists you did growing up is because you can relate to what they’re saying. The artist has to have the full package: stage presence, be able to entertain, and they most definitely must have a positive energy. I want an artist that’s already talented. I don’t want to mold an artist.”

To Wayne D., the name Come Get It Records speaks for itself. He went on to explain the Million Dollar Factor. “Suppose you have a party at your house, you have a million dollars underneath your couch and no one knows about the money underneath the couch. If you get drunk and pass out, 99.9% of the time, when you wake up the next morning, that money is going to be underneath that couch. The following week, if you tell everybody you have a million dollars underneath the couch, chances are that you’ll have some goons come in and take your money. My point is this: How are they going to know, if you don’t tell anybody? Treat your music and your art like that million dollars underneath the couch. Have them kick down your door and come get you.”

Wayne D. uses social media to get the word out. “The whole music industry is taking a different turn. Everything is done online. I suggest you use every part of social media, whether it be Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. It all depends on how you want to market yourself. Once again, it’s the Million Dollar Factor.”

What’s next for Wayne D. CEO and Come Get It Records? “We have one artist that we’re working with named Carl B. He’s phenomenal. When it comes to the hip hop game, you have a lot of negative energy. It shouldn’t be that way. Carl B brings a whole other standard to the game. The best way that I can describe him is the Phil Collins of rap.”

He’s also working on a follow-up album to American Grinder, American Grinder Part 2. Go out to to get the first album. Wayne D. also gave shoutouts to several artists he loves to collaborate with: Scott Gutierrez at Princess Blue Publishing, O.Y.G.redruM781, Binky Mack, AllFrumTha I, and fans around the world.

Go go go!

Watch the complete video interview on the Amused Now YouTube channel:

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