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Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown

We selected indie pop recording artist Jessica Brown as one of our ReverbNation featured artist contest winners, because she has a lovely singing voice and we adore her hit single Queen of Hearts. I also love the song Hallelujah and the hip hop influenced Dosage. What I found out after meeting Jessica is that she’s high-energy, gracious and adorable as well as extremely talented.

Jessica Brown told us: “Hallelujah has to be a fan favorite and probably even my favorite. It was one of those songs that just happened. There are a lot of songs that take me a really long time to figure out, like the one I’m writing right now, but Hallelujah literally came in the span of 20 minutes.”

The back story behind the song Dosage: “I started working with a management company last year, and I worked with a producer named Stephen Clark. He asked me to pick something that would make me stand out. We did a demo of three different songs and one of them was Dosage. I worked with a hip hop artist and that artist helped inspire that hip hop base with a really cool string. It turned out really awesome. I love that song.”

When I asked Jessica Brown how she describes her music, she replied: “It’s hard to describe my music. I’ve gone through so many different challenges in my life, and I think every song fits that certain situation. There are different inspirations, when I’m sad and when I’m happy. Every song comes out differently. I enjoy that about myself.”

Jessica Brown’s biggest music influence is Sara Bareilles: “I always say Sara Bareilles. The reason why is because when I listen to her songs, they’re so true. They sound like they come straight from the heart, and that’s what I look for when I’m writing my own pieces as well.”

When she collaborates with other artists, Jessica Brown looks for patience. “People give you so many different ideas. At the end of the day, you have to have patience not only with the people you work with but also with yourself, to take the time it needs to make the song awesome. Sometimes a background in music helps. At the same time, getting a fresh opinion from somebody who doesn’t have a music background and just comes up with something cool would be really fun to work with.”

Jessica Brown singing 1Jessica Brown started taking music lessons when she was very young. “When I was little, I had a stuttering problem. The only way that I learned how to express myself was through music. I got over my stuttering problem, and then I started taking singing lessons and speech lessons. Music turned out to be my way of talking.”

Jessica recently took up playing the ukulele. “I’m really excited about that. It took a really long time to find out what instrument fit for me.”

To keep herself motivated, Jessica Brown began recording Ukulele Challenge videos on YouTube. “There had to be a way for me to keep playing and make myself better and, at the same time, get my fans and my supporters to be a part of that. So, I came up with Ukulele Challenges. Every week, I post a new Ukulele Challenge; this week is going to be my 20th. I’m so excited about my post this week, because I’ve been waiting to do this song for a really, really long time. It’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow, the Hawaii version.”

Jessica Brown advises other artists: “The biggest thing is talking to your fans. You can post things and try to get people interested, but when they do respond, make sure you respond back to them. They are reaching out to you and expressing how they love your music or your influence. Appreciate that.”

What’s up next for Jessica Brown? “Obviously, I have a bunch of Ukulele Challenges in my future. I have some shows being planned, and I want to play at more nursing homes. I started performing at nursing homes around my area, and I would love to keep going with that. Hopefully, my album is coming out soon. I keep talking about it. I have everything ready. One of these days, I’ll announce it. I can’t decide which song to choose for my single. I want to make it appealing and something that I’m very, very proud of selling with the right title. Hopefully, it will be out within the next three months.”

To find out more about Jessica Brown and keep watch for her new album, follow her on ReverbNation or Facebook. Her Facebook page is linked to her YouTube page. You’ve just got to watch those Ukulele Challenges!

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