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Rachel French ~ Squeaky Chair Publications

Rachel French

Rachel French

Hi, I’m Rachel French. First, let’s start with a little about me.

Through high school, I found a love of journalism and graphic design. I coordinated my high school’s online newspaper and simply fell in love with the ability to reach an audience and actually have something useful to say. I asked myself how I can do this for the rest of my life.

So I started a company: Squeaky Chair Publications. I know the name may sound odd and confusing, but I made an agreement with my father when I was younger that if I ever named a company, I would call it Squeaky Chair or Kaleidoscopic Bedazzlement. So, out of the two, Squeaky Chair seemed more plausible.

My company specializes in writing blogs and coordinating social media for clients. I personally write the blogs and am surprised that so many companies are unaware of the benefits of blogging. Blogging can raise traffic to the website, increase customer interest, and help with branding. All of these advantages in turn build authority within an industry and, hopefully, increase revenue.

But, a blog is not enough. A blog cannot be useful if no one is reading it. That is why my company expanded into social media. We noticed that if companies simply blogged and expected their customer base to seek them out and find the new posts, they did not get the results they wanted. Exploiting social media for all its worth by tweeting, posting, and screaming from the rooftops about blogs is a great way to build a loyal reader base.

Now, let’s talk about you and any help I can offer.

Many artists can benefit from maintaining a constant and persistent social media and blogging account. Since artists depend on people viewing and admiring their work, keeping contact with fans is crucial. I’ve spoken to multiple filmmakers, authors, and musicians; they all agree that keeping an exciting and intriguing blog can boost fan interest.

We all know that people spend hours on end looking at their phone. So, obviously that would be the best way to reach them. Instead of collecting thousands of phone numbers, just start blogging.

I’ve had some blogs reach up to 350,000 views. Imagine the change that could come in your career with a fan base that large. Blogging is how you build interest. Social media is how you build your blog.

My company is looking to book a few more clients right now. So if any of you are interested in building a strong online presence with blogging, feel free to contact me. Also, feel free to pass my contact information along to anyone who may be interested. I will also be willing to send a few of my blogs as reference to anyone interested.

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