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A-List stars already know that artists who tell their stories have a competitive advantage, that’s why they go on the talk show circuit. Amused Now offers all indie artists that same opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. Let’s start working together right now and get you more exposure. Amused Now offers three basic interview options plus a custom promo package:

Amused Now Micro-Interview  $149

The micro-interview costs $149 and includes Cynthia Kahn asking you one interview question on Google+ Hangouts on Air. You can choose a question about your new song, EP, album, book, film or web series. Micro-interviews are great for embedding on the web page where your art is for sale.

Amused Now Featured Artist  $998

The basic Featured Artist Series costs $998, which includes custom interview questions, filming the interview on Google+ Hangouts On Air, editing the video, creating a 1 minute preview video, writing a fabulous post and promoting you on all the Amused Now social media channels. The package includes a $99 targeted YouTube Adwords campaign, which nets your interview an additional 3,000-5,000 views. A great value for only $998.

Amused Now Go Big Option  $1,499

The Go Big Option costs $1,499 and it extends the Amused Now Featured Artist Series to last a month. In addition to the $99 YouTube campaign, we promote you for 4 weeks after your initial blast on all the Amused Now social media channels.

Amused Now Promo Package  $400

Do you have a new song, EP, album, book, film or web series that you want to promote? Amused Now would love to help! We will promote your project on all our social media channels throughout the month for only $400. Tell us your message and we will spread the word worldwide!


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