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Pamela Steebler

Pamela Steebler

Pamela Steebler reached out to get some exposure for her Kickstarter campaign, so I watched her videos and listened to her music. I fell in love with her sound, her smile and her positive energy, so I scheduled our interview in time to help reach her Kickstarter goal of $6500 by Monday, October 28.

Pamela is using the Kickstarter crowdsourcing platform to pre-sale her debut EP. For a $3 contribution, you get to download the first song; for $8, you get to download the entire EP. “I’m so excited about it. It’s going to be five original songs that I wrote, some alone, some with friends.”

Pamela was born in Canada and grew up in Brazil. Her dad always loved rock-n-roll. She grew up listening to the Beatles, Rolling Stones, James Taylor, Carol King and the Bee Gees. Pamela started singing very young. As a teenager, she listened to Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

Today, her sound mixes pop with rock-n-roll. When I mentioned that her music sounded like a mix of jazz and blues, Pamela added that she’s always loved soul music and she incorporates that sound into her music too. “I think that touches people’s hearts.”

Pamela currently plays live all around the New England area in the US. If you live in New England, check out or her Facebook page for her schedule. She plays every Friday and Saturday, with some Thursday and Sunday gigs too.

Pamela SteeblerTo Pamela, social media is the best way to promote her work, especially with her Kickstarter campaign. “People who have known me for a long time and even those that I’ve lost contact with get to see what I’m doing. Because I have a lot of friends that live in Brazil and a lot of friends that live in Canada, they wouldn’t have access to me if it weren’t for social media. They get to share with their friends and that’s how it starts. It’s super important and it’s actually the main way that I promote my work right now.”

Because Pamela Steebler is currently going through the process of raising funds for her debut EP, I asked her what advice she has for other musicians who are just starting out. Her Kickstarter campaign gave her a whole new perspective. Pamela now understands that “the most important thing is to help other artists first, before you. Everybody today is ‘listen to my music, go to my website, go hear me sing.’ If every musician does that, no musicians will go see each other. I think it’s really important that we support each other first. If we’re a community, then things will go much better.”

“If you show care for your fans and people that follow you, then it’s so much more rewarding. When people help me and people pledge to my Kickstarter campaign, it warms my heart everything single time I get emailed that someone pledged. It just moves me and I’m so grateful and it makes me want to help people feel that way too. It’s a great feeling to know that people have your back. In order for people to have your back, you have to have their back too.”

What a wonderful philosophy! Pamela has such a beautiful soul. I know her Kickstarter campaign will be a success. Pledge today!

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Pamela SteeblerPamela Steebler

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