Ms. Nikki Rich ~ My Inspiration

Ms. Nikki Rich

Ms. Nikki Rich

No one can talk with Ms. Nikki Rich, CEO and host of the Nikki Rich Show, and not be inspired to rush out and start achieving their dreams. I know that every time I talk with her, I feel better about myself and my Amused Now project.  When I’m with Nikki, I don’t just think I can, I know I can!

Her positive personality, beauty, brains and work ethic combine to launch the Nikki Rich Show to the top of the internet radio charts. Ms. Nikki’s motto is “Put God first.” Well, we at Amused Now feel blessed, because she granted us a Featured Artist video interview.

Nikki Rich has been a radio and TV personality for over 20 years. When I commented that the entertainment business must be in her blood, she smiled, because both her parents are radio and TV personalities too.

Growing up, Nikki sang Gospel with her brothers. She didn’t realize that early experience was training for the Nikki Rich Show. When she was growing up, she wanted to be a lawyer.

Nikki is a huge proponent of education. She studied Criminal Justice in college and later studied Education. She was a teacher for 7 ½ years until she was laid off. At the time, she had already started working on her PHD in Business Administration after receiving her MBA.

To set goals for herself while laid off, she decided to go to hair and cosmetology school. Nikki continued to research career options. Then one day, while on lunch break from school, she announced to her girlfriend, “I’m going to try this Blog Talk Radio” and the Nikki Rich Show was born! From Day 1, the show had celebrity guests.

Today, the Nikki Rich Show has over 330,000 listeners. How does she do it? “By the grace of God.” It’s amazing how she built the Nikki Rich Show from the ground up. She started the show in her living room and now it’s a global phenomenon. You can access her show from her websiteiTunesCollege Underground Radio and past guest sites.

Nikki connects with her audience through social media, mostly through her @NikkiRShow and @MsNikkiRich Twitter accounts. To her, the power of social media is to network and make that connection with her audience. If she connects with one follower, that follower sees the connection and it starts a chain reaction. “You never know who can help you along the way.” You also need to research and learn when your audience is on social media to hit those targets at the right times.

Social media brought Ms. Nikki Rich and Ms. Cynthia Kahn together. To quote Nikki, “It’s so amazing!”

Her advice to new artists is to do the research. Understand the legal aspects. Create a legitimate business and get everything trademarked and copyrighted.  In addition, Nikki is always looking for ways to improve her business and remain on top.

Nikki attended the MTV awards, the Grammies and the SXSW Woodie Awards. She gave a big shout out to MTV and mtvU!

Starting July 8, the Nikki Rich Show is revamping its format. Monday through Wednesday, they’ll be airing from 7:30 to 9:30 pm ET. From Thursday through Saturday, they’ll be airing live from location and doing live video conferences from Ustream. Her co-host is Celebrity Fashion Stylist Gianni CJ.

Ms. Nikki Rich is a living example that we can all be doing more with our lives to achieve our dreams. Nikki believes that “education is the key and if it’s something that you believe in, you can do it. No matter where you start, if you pursue it, it’s going to happen!”

Thank you Nikki for gracing Amused Now and inspiring me to do more!

Don’t miss my guest appearance on the Nikki Rich Show on Wednesday, July 3 at 8 pm ET.
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