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Mister Sanders

Mister Sanders

My name is Mister Sanders and I am a 23-year-old artist and producer from London, UK, formerly known as Ryan Esstar.  I started my musical journey at 14, recording grime tracks and later appearing on internet radio stations. I then started to build a fan base by releasing various EP’s and mix tapes whilst performing around London and sharing the stage with the likes of Don’t Flops Tony D & Locksmyth. I also appeared on BBC 1Xtra, where I did freestyle with Cypriot Vibez for DJ Tim Westwood that was heard by just over a million people. I went on to release various singles, some of which gained attention from labels, and I was featured in Rewind Magazine.

Having gained experience in the industry, I decided to re-brand myself to ‘Mister Sanders’ and pursue a new sound and style. I have just released RIP Esstar Freestyle, which marks my return to music. I am also releasing a mix tape called Nostalgic in December, followed by a single. My main priority is to portray a positive message in all of my music to help people, and to release new tracks every 2 weeks!

I also run a company called AIP Lifestyle. AIP stands for “Anything Is Possible.” AIP Lifestyle is a positive movement that helps artists reach their potential. It is a fast-growing collective of artists and fashion designers. I started the movement so artists with the same goals and targets can give each other help and support to reach their goals.

The artists involved in AIP perform regular live shows on the London live music circuit, with each individual artist managing their own career. There’s an understanding that wherever a member artist performs, whether it be an open mic event or new studio, their peers will also be brought through the same platform as well. This way, artists can help each other and grow together as a unit.

I am an independent artist and I am affiliated with many different artists. Here’s an example of the way we artists are helping each other: I recently went to support an artist called Mad Sabez at a music showcase in Clapham, South London. Sabez performed his latest single Feeling Good and introduced me to his contacts and showcase hosts. I am now going to be performing at one of these future showcases. I am also returning the favor at my next gig at Slam Jam, which is the biggest UK hip hop night in London at the moment. I am also networking with other artists, such as Jake Emlyn, another talented rapper/singer-songwriter.

These are simple examples of how artists can help each other open doors for each other. This can also be accomplished through artists collaborating on tracks and crossing into each other’s fan bases.The more artists move in a supportive way and help support other, the larger the local independent artist scenes can grow.

It is about helping others, not trying to hog the limelight and contacts.

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