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Marques Robinson

Marques Robinson

Marques Robinson is young, talented and going places. Marques recently released an amazing instrumental album Remains of Us. The album takes guitar playing and instrumental music and creates a whole new genre.

To me, Marques Robinson’s music blends rock, funk and classical. Marques describes his music as “a fusion of classic rock and modern rock or progressive rock.” His music style has been influenced by rock greats Queen, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendricks and Jeff Beck: “Not many kids my age know those people.”

Marques started his music journey in sixth grade, when he joined his school band to play French horn. “I had lessons; I had tutors. So, as far as that goes, I’m not self-taught. Around junior year, I decided that I was done. I still loved the music, but I needed some other way to express myself. That’s when I stumbled upon the guitar, the piano and the drums. On my own, I started to individually work on them until I got to the point where I could meet with other musicians. Then, I formed my own group.”

Marques Robinson was the lead guitarist in a band, when he decided that he could create his own music much faster and much more efficiently. According to Marques, “I’m feeling out what I can do on my own.”  Now, Marques plays all the instruments himself when he records in the studio.

When I asked Marques what he looks for before collaborating with other musicians, he told me: “I look for an understanding and appreciate for the music we’re going to be playing. Other than that, I just look for an overall sense of happiness. I want to be happy when I play and I want to be around people that make me happy.”

Marques Robinson and guitar head shotMarques Robinson grew up with social media. To him, “It’s a vital tool of connection around the world. We recently hired a public relations company, which is helping us manage our Twitter page. I’m responsible for responding to messages and continuing conversations. It’s interesting. Today, I actually had a conversation with somebody in the UK about my music. It blows my mind the type of connections that we can make using social media.”

Marques advises other artists who are breaking new ground: “The most important thing is getting out of the garage and playing in front of people. Any time that you can share your music with other people is a moment to remember. That’s how you really grow as a musician. Put yourself out there and keep playing and finding places to play.”

What’s up next for Marques Robinson? He’s currently recording new material and playing shows around the Dallas area. “I post all the time where I’m playing on Twitter.” Marques plays live as a solo artist. His songs are pre-recorded on Garage Band. He duplicates the songs in his set and deletes the tracks he wants to play live. “I’ve basically created my own backing tracks and I just play along side them.”

If you live near Dallas, I highly recommend you check out Marques’ Twitter page.

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Marques Robinson playing guitarMarques Robinson

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