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M3t4rt ~ #Revolution

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I have been enjoying music since I can remember, and there was that time in my life when I thought that music was what I wanted to do. Of course, I started out like many musicians – having the dream of playing arenas, being followed and loved by millions. When I took my first humble steps at recording, I realized that my dream is something achievable, and so I pursued my dream.

Years later, I realized that pursuing my dream actually isn’t that easy. I’m nearly finished with my music degree and have abandoned all my initial ideals. I don’t care about a band anymore. I don’t care about the stardom anymore. I want to make music that is important to me and, hopefully, reaches some people along the way.

My music kind of reflects my journey. I started out loving rock and metal (well, actually Hip Hop when I was younger), and since then, I widened my horizon (thanks Newcastle University). I’ve learned so much about music and what it does to people. I created my first EP release, which combines ambient, classical, electronic, experimental, etc. I think the word “Multi” or “Melting Pot” describes me and my music very well.

M3t4rt Logo ArtHowever, I’m also politically motivated and that is a factor which I need to bring more into my music. I haven’t done this yet, because I was more on a sonic journey. But now, after the events of the past years, I feel the need to reach more people and engage with them at that level. I would love to motivate people to actually do something that is important, rather than just hitting a Like button, because let’s face it – Likes do not going to cure cancer or stop atrocities. I also want others to understand the power of music in politics – I recently wrote an essay on the use of music in Auschwitz. A grim and dark topic but very important, nevertheless.

I’m currently working on new projects, where I will combine these passions even more. I’m recording a vocal material, one of which is a poem by Serj Tankian. It kind of forms the basis for one of the new tracks in my 4-track release planned for early 2014. I also have another release planned for the middle of 2014. Actually, both are University related, and it’s good having deadlines to ensure on-time delivery – it makes you produce.

This also links in with my advice: Being an artist, whatever kind, is difficult and often very challenging. If you take it seriously and want to do what art for a living, then get your image right. Start off by asking yourself a few simple questions: Who am I? Who do people think I am? Where do I want to be (in a year, in 5 years, in 10 years)? What is it I’m actually doing? Why should people be interested in my stuff (don’t even think about selling something yet)? And so on.

M3t4rt Head ShotYou might even want to set up a business plan. This doesn’t have to be used to get bank credit, but it can be a great tool to benchmark and review your own plans, strategies or dreams. Don’t forget – it’s a business you’re entering into and only people who think about all aspects will be successful. Obviously, if you’re just doing this for fun, then you don’t need to stress too much about all the points above, but you might profit from using the one or the other to improve yourself.

You might be wondering why I don’t show my face: I am currently working on something that goes along with the 2014 mid-year release, but I like the idea of the anonymous fighter.


M3t4rt Revolution EP Cover Art

Links to M3t4rt websites:

Twitter: @M3t4rt
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/M3t4rt
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/m3t4rt 
BandCamp: https://m3t4rt.bandcamp.com/ (Download my new #Revolution EP)
Tumblr: http://m3t4rt.tumblr.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/M3t4rt