Lee Perreira ~ Melodies for Marie

Lee Perreira

Lee Perreira

Lee Perreira and I met on Facebook through our mutual friend and fan, Denise Barlow. I was moved by his desire to create an EP that honors his grandmother called Melodies for Marie.

To raise the funds to finish the EP, Lee launched a campaign on PIedgeMusic. As I followed his campaign, I became even more excited about his cause and reached out to help.

The Amused Now Blog is about artists helping artists, so I’m promoting Lee Perreira as our Featured Artist to give him a boost on this last week of his fundraising campaign. Lee is extremely busy during this final stretch, so we decided to go with a written interview.

Cynthia: I watched your RAW video. Nice bio video. You describe your music as bluesy, jazzy and rock. Who are your biggest influencers?

Lee: My biggest influences really range. I grew up with hair metal and classical music. Then Nirvana and Grunge hit and that was my music. Then, I started playing guitar and gravitated to Classic Rock and Blues. But now I really love and am influenced by the musicians and bands I’ve been playing with like Decker and Banana Gun, which are bands out here in AZ.

Cynthia: You recently started a solo career after fronting the band Isle of Essence, which opened for some well-known bands. What prompted your decision?

Lee: Classic response coming… Creative differences. Lol. It is what it is. I love those guys and I loved what we did together. We all still talk and see each other at some level. Nothing but respect for those guys and I wish them the best.

Lee Perreira - Melodies for Marie EP CoverCynthia: Your first solo release is called Melodies for Marie, named for your grandmother. I listened to the single Red Water Calling. I love the song. I hear influences from Credence Clearwater Revival.

Lee: Oh, thank you! I love me some CCR!

Cynthia: Tell us about your new direction and this release.

Lee: I’m kind of all over the place. I don’t ever want to be pinned down as one thing. What I like about myself and my music is that it is always changing and evolving. With this particular EP, it is Blues Infused Rock’n’Roll with a touch of Southern Sauce. I think there’s something there for people to connect to.



Track 6 – Red Water Calling
Lee Perreira – Red Water Calling (mix)

Amused Now exclusive => Track 3: Thieving Man
Lee Perreira – Thieving Man (mix)

Lee Perreira - Melodies for Marie EP PledgeMusic Launch





Cynthia: You are running an EP Pledgemusic Launch on Facebook. Looks like you’re doing quite well. How did you organize this crowdsourcing event on PledgeMusic.com?

Lee: I’ve just been grinding for a long time and this is a time for the fruits of those labors to bloom. I’m very excited about the future, but with my focus on the present and working as hard as I can right now. You can still pledge right now until midnight on Monday July 22nd.

Cynthia: When will the release be finished?

Lee: CD Release in Tempe, AZ at The Sail Inn on Saturday September 7th! 10 of my favorite bands will be playing with me, 2 stages, and a great time! Come! Digital Release Monday September 9th.

Cynthia: As you know, Amused Now is launching its e-commerce site later this summer. I hope you’ll consider Amused Now as part of your distribution network.

Lee: I’d love to. We support each other. I can’t reach my goals without the help of others.

Cynthia: Do you have any advice for other musicians thinking about a solo music career?

Lee: I say go for it! Ask your favorite musicians to play with you, write with you. Always keep learning and growing as a musician and as a song writer. Hard work pays off and I truly believe that.

Cynthia: We met on Facebook through a mutual friend. You use Facebook to crowdsource your latest project. Do you have any advice for artists on how to best utilize social media?

Lee: Just be active but not too much. Have a reason or a cause. Be friendly. Stay connected with those that are walking similar paths as you.

Cynthia: How else do you promote your music?

Lee: By playing it. I try to jam with as many people as I can every week.

Cynthia: What’s up next for Lee Perreira?

Lee: PledgeMusic closes July 22nd and then it’s time to get all my CDs and Merch line made. Promote my CD Release Show on September 7th. Rehearse for that show. Then really push my music to get licensed and begin to do it all over again and record some more!!

Cynthia: Where can new fans find out more about you and your music?

Lee: www.leeperreira.com will take you whereever you want to go.

Cynthia: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I wish you success with your fundraising and your new release.

Lee: Thank you SO much for your time and efforts! It means so much! Thank you for keeping people like me going with your awesome support!

Lee Perreira

Lee Perreira

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Lee Perreira


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