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When I was younger, writing was a form of escapism I used to process the personal struggles in my life. Growing up, I was very outgoing and, to the untrained eye, appeared not to have a care in the world. But internally, I held in a lot of emotions.

I was afraid to speak up about things that were affecting me. Being the daughter of a minister, there were quiet pressures that surrounded me on a daily basis. Every word, action and move I made were under a microscopic lens for adults and my peers alike. There were plenty of times when I would participate in “normal” teenage activities and would get the look of disapproval or questioning whispers, “but isn’t she a preacher’s daughter?” Everything I did was magnified and placed me in an uncomfortable position, not really understanding my place in the world. Therefore, writing poetry and short stories became that comfort zone, a sort of unspoken therapy session where the pad was the counselor and the pen were my thoughts and feelings. It was a place where I was free to just do me and be me.

I am not sure exactly when I began to move away from writing. It was something very gradual that I didn’t even realize was happening. If I had to take an educated guess, I’d say that I began distancing myself from writing during the time I became pregnant my senior year in high school. I’m not sure why this change occurred, but it did. After struggling to go through college as a young single mom, I married and then as I like to say, “life took over.” Writing continued to take a backseat to everything else—work, being a mother, being a wife…everyday life.

It wasn’t until a tragic turn of events occurred that I realized the void in my life from not writing. I lost my mother, daughter and cousin in a horrific car accident when I was just twenty-four years old. The first time I picked up a pen and pad to write after many years was for their obituaries, for which I wrote three poems. Though nothing but the grace of God could help me emotionally deal with this tragedy, I realized writing served as a much needed release. The realization of my longing to write and its healing power began to come into fruition and I committed myself to writing a poem every year for my daughter’s birthday.

From this, I began to understand that writing was truly my calling. It was the key element in my life that had been missing for years. All this time, I’d placed writing on the backburner feeling it was hobby for me instead of embracing it as an extension of me and allowing it to manifest into my purpose. With this in mind, I set my sights on becoming a novelist, to not only continue to heal myself, but become a voice for other women who need to know that they can survive anything.

My novels Never Again…No More and Never Again…No More II: Getting Back to Me, focuses on the situations that single mothers who became moms as teens may have to endure. The story delivers on several platforms including teen pregnancy, drug abuse, domestic violence, caring for special needs children, death and the deterioration of the family structure.

Writing and becoming a published author has been more than a dream come true. It has helped me heal, overcome, and develop into a better me. Writing has awakened a deeper sense of purpose within me and I’ve come alive!

Now, I embrace my gift and I’m passionate over the power of the written word. I encourage any writers who may be discouraged with the craft or underestimate its importance to embrace their craft and find out what power it can unleash in you. Write from your heart and do not be afraid to tell your story. Readers are very witty and truly identify with workmanship that has a sense of authenticity. The passion, authenticity and the truthfulness of your writing can serve as a healing agent to not only you but others. You don’t have to be a world renowned published author to make a difference. Running or contributing to a blog site or dedicating your time to writing groups for mentor programs can be just as beneficial.

If writing is your talent, use it to the best of your abilities. You never know who may read your work that may simply need an encouraging word to come alive again. I know I have and I’ve never felt better.

K. “Untamed” Tyler
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