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Khymberlee Carlyle, the founder of Lipstick Radio, and I have a lot in common. We’re both helping create a world where artists can make a living doing what they love. Like Amused Now, Lipstick Radio features, interviews and plays music from some of the best undiscovered independent talent.

Lipstick Radio started as a podcast only. Later, Khymberlee added a friend. To date, they’ve recorded over 150 episodes, which are available for free on iTunes. “It was just fun. Guys would always respond that it’s kind of like being in a girl’s locker room and they don’t know you’re there.”

This year, Khymberlee partnered with Party 934, a worldwide radio station based in New York which broadcasts online and on 94.9 FM. Khymberlee loves helping people, so she shifted the direction of the show to focus on independent artists. She’s been in the music industry for a long time and she loves it. “So I put something together to live my own dream, being in the music world and being able to help people. Give them a platform to shine and, hopefully, be discovered.”

The Party mixes it up. Indie Given Mondays plays nothing but indie artist music, “some of the best in the game.”  On Shot Caller Mondays, she lets her Twitter followers choose the playlist. Plus, Khymberlee interviews guests. The live show broadcasts every Monday 2-4pm PST / 5-7pm EST, with podcasts available after the show.

Khymberlee also has a show called Sound Booth that starts immediately following the radio show. She interviews guests, sometimes even the guests on her radio show, to get the back story. The radio show is regulated by the FCC, so Sound Booth gives guests the opportunity to “let their hair down.”

Khymberlee CarlyleLipstick Radio offers a series of YouTube shows: Shoe Lover Tuesdays, Lipstick Radio After Dark (also on Tuesdays), Happy Hour Thursdays and Lipstick Letters. I can’t wait for my invite to join Happy Hour Thursdays, which broadcasts every other Thursday. Guests and comedians get together, no planned topic, with drinks in hand. “We just let the conversation happen and it turns into a lot of fun.”

Khymberlee belongs to Fleet DJs. It’s a place where DJs come together, help one another and share music. They have weekly conference calls with artists. It gives DJs the chance to talk with artists about their music, get drops for their shows and hear new music from mainstream artists too. Although Khymberlee’s sets are 95% independent music, when mainstream artists take the time to attend the conference calls, she adds their music to her playlist.

Khymberlee effectively uses social media to promote herself and Lipstick Radio. In fact, she teaches social media courses. Khymberlee has a YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. She loves Google+ and Google Hangouts. Me too.

When I asked Khymberlee about her top tips for new DJs, she advised: Be more social. People are quick to promote themselves and not really engage with others. When people mention you, don’t take that for granted or ignore it. “Nurture those relationships, because those relationships are going to help you.”

To Khymberlee, “It’s about being family. We’re starting a movement, an independent artists’ movement. It’s no different than the Civil Rights Movement. It didn’t take just one person; it took a whole bunch of people to march on Washington. That’s the way I look at this. We need a group of people to push the independent artists up. Otherwise, the majors aren’t going to get the message.” I’m with you all the way, Khymberlee!

A must see! Watch the interview on YouTube:

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Khymberlee CarlyleKhymberlee Carlyle
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