Jumpstart Your Arts and Entertainment Career

Jumpstart Your MusicMany of us participate in arts and entertainment projects. We long to be discovered. Funny thing is, if you’re like me, most of your friends don’t even know about your creative side.

We should be our biggest promoter, yet we don’t take advantage of many opportunities to promote ourselves, our projects and our art. Here are 6 tips that helped me increase my visibility. Spread the word and get noticed!

1. Believe It
I had to start believing that I was a successful artist and entrepreneur before I could become a successful artist and entrepreneur. Instinctively, we know that we create our own reality. If you don’t believe you’re successful, how can you be a success? I set aside time each day to think about what my life will be like when I reach my goals. What does that feel like? Pretty good!

2. Talk About It
I bet most of your friends and colleagues have no idea that you are an up-and-coming artist. How can people support you if you don’t talk about your projects? At least once each day, work your project into the normal flow of a conversation. You’d be amazed with the results.

3. Get Business Cards
If it’s in black-and-white, it must be true! Design, purchase and carry business cards that reflect the successful you. I designed beautiful fine artist cards with one of my paintings as the background and business cards with the Amused Now logo.

Include images from your work. Maybe even get a logo. If you’re strapped for cash, I’ve seen great logos from fiverr.com. Try 99designs.com to get input from multiple designers. When you talk about your project with people you don’t know you, always leave your card, so they can get in touch with you afterwards.

4. Open Business Social Media Accounts
Social media is a great way to engage with your fans as the successful you. Separate your personal life from your professional persona. Open professional accounts on platforms you are already comfortable using. Start new conversations about your art, projects, gigs and appearances.

5. Join Meetups
You are not alone! Meetups are great places to meet people with common goals and to start building a support network that won’t let you fail.

6. Get Gigs
Brainstorm new ways to get exposure. If you’re in a band, call a new club and try to get a gig. If you paint, try to get your work in a new venue or gallery. If you’re a filmmaker, get your film in front of a new audience. If you’re just starting out, free exposure is a good way to get known. Try local coffee shops, hang outs and community centers.

What are your tips for success? Share them with us as comments below or reach out with ideas for a blog post.

Cynthia Kahn
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